US-Supported ISIS Uses Young Children as Suicide Bombers

21st February 2016 / Global


CIA operatives teach ISIS recruits the fine art of committing atrocities, including beheadings, use of chemical and other banned weapons, along with an array of other lawless terror tactics.

According to a Combating Terrorism Center at West Point report, ISIS “is mobilizing children and youths at an increasing and unprecedented rate (to become) martyrs,” – failing to explain full US responsibility, not wanting to blow Washington’s cover.

The monster it created and supports operates with foreign funding, arming, training and direction.

Young children are brainwashed to become suicide bombers, throwing their lives away for nothing, too young to understand the folly of their actions.

Dozens of children suicide bombers were recruited in 2015 alone, imported into Syria, Iraq and elsewhere from numerous countries with US-led foreign help.

Analysis of death notices showed they died driving suicide vehicles, operating as foot soldiers, the result of mass casualty attacks, or as so-called “inghimasi” aggressors – blowing themselves up using explosive belts while attacking enemy positions with small arms.

The report said “(a) cursory exploration of (the) data (studied) suggests Islamic State’s systematic use of children is more widespread than previously imagined.”

It’s standard practice, young age of no consequence, the report explaining:

ISIS isn’t using young children “to replace lost manpower…(C)hildren and youths are dying in the same circumstances as adults. (They’re) used to attack civilian targets among whom they can blend in better.”

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ISIS makes no attempt to hide its tactics, shameless propaganda promoting the use of young children, intending to increase their numbers, special training camps in place for this purpose.

Maybe CIA operatives staff them. The report left much unexplained – including Washington’s full responsibility for creating and supporting ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups, used as foot soldiers to further its imperial agenda.

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