What You really Need to Know About Johnson, Russia and Ukraine

28th February 2022 / Global
What You really Need to Know About Johnson, Russia and Ukraine

By Rob Woodward – TruePublica: On December 1, 1991, Ukraine, the second most powerful republic in the Soviet Union (USSR), voted overwhelmingly for independence, which ended any realistic chance of the Soviet Union staying together even on a limited scale. More than 90 per cent of the electorate expressed their support for Ukraine’s declaration of independence.

At the time, Ukraine was the third-largest nuclear power in the world with approximately 1,700 warheads on Ukrainian territory. It gave up its nuclear arsenal and in exchange for this the UK, USA and Russia “guaranteed” Ukraine’s security.

Ukraine has now been betrayed by them all.

In Britain, the governing party is in collusion with Russia. I say colluding because one in ten of its MP’s has received funding from Russian ‘entities.’ More evidence for this is seen in the House of Commons today, where a grand total of two Tory backbenchers for the debate on countering Russian aggression and illicit finance bothered to turn up. Of course, they didn’t want to hear what one opposition MP had to say. Labour MP Chris Bryant – told the House of Commons:

I’ve got hold of a leaked document from 2019 from the Home Office, which says, in relation to Mr Abramovich. As part of HMGs Russia strategy, aimed at targeting illicit finance and malign activity, Abramovich remains of interest to HMG due to his links to the Russian state and his public association with corrupt activity and practices. An example of this is Abramowich admitting in court proceedings that he paid for political influence.

In three years, the Tory government has done nothing despite its promises. Indeed, to the contrary, it did everything it could to hide from parliament and the general public the result of the Russia Report that was so heavily redacted the truth did not emerge. That is how deeply in bed this government is with what the security services call a ‘hostile state towards Britain.’

It gets worse when a former US defence advisor, a specialist American Russia analyst, has warned that targeted sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s regime are likely to be a “total flop” due to the abject dependence of the British economy on finance from Russian oligarchs.


“As you can see, Johnson himself is utterly compromised by an enemy of our country and way of life”


In November, the year before, you might recall that Nato called an emergency summit to discuss Russian sanctions after the attempted killings of the Skripals in Salisbury. Boris Johnson attended then dodged his security detail and flew to Italy where he partied all night with an ex-KGB officer whose son he ennobled to the House of Lords. Bizarrely, Evgeny Lebedev is now able to vote on sanctions that are against the interest of his own family and home country. The Kremlin must still be laughing at that one. Here, Lebedev’s spokesman confirmed Johnson knew the family and even many of their friends well. As you can see, Johnson himself is utterly compromised by an enemy of our country and way of life.

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There are so many other examples of this government having been infiltrated by Russian oligarchs, their money and the interests of the Kremlin that the list is too long. Any search engine will provide masses of evidence. In the case of just one Russian oligarch – 34 Tory MPs have taken money directly linked to the Kremlin. We still don’t know what this cash-for-access national security threat poses to Britain or its allies.

In the meantime, the British government, funded by these Russian crooks, has wasted six long divisive years attacking its own allies and vilifying the greatest peace project in history. Right now Vladimir Putin’s Russia is not just taking a small area of Ukraine as some people think – it’s an all-out attack on three sides to bring Ukraine, not just into its sphere of influence but to its knees.

And what does everyone think is going to happen next? Those with the intelligence assets predicted a full-on invasion just a week ago. Many didn’t believe them. They were mocked for predicting it. They are now predicting the fall of Ukraine’s capital city.

What does the US, EU and Britain do about this?

As for Britain. It’s so-called leadership tells us Britain is a significant military and economic power, as they kept rattling on about to usher in Brexit. “We hold all the cards.” But we didn’t – and now the country is significantly weaker from an economic point of view. But more broadly, Britain now has to wait for announcements by the EU and US to find out what the plan is when it comes to Russian aggression. Because of this, Johnson comes out with his ‘world-leading’ nonsensical statements that are backed up by nothing that no one is listening to.


“The Tory party are implicitly aiding and abetting a deranged lunatic in the Kremlin who is willing to cause the catastrophe of another World War”


The Conservative party has intentionally damaged the cause of liberal democracy. And more importantly, it has damaged the security of Europe as a whole because it is at least world-beating in one sense – it launders more money for Russian oligarchs and harbours them in the corridors of power like no other democracy on earth.

I’ve said this before – Johnson and his cronies are a national security threat. This drunken irresponsible slob, flanked by Liz Truss is supposed to represent Britain in the greatest security threat that has emerged since the wreckage of WW2. And such is the endemic Russian financed corruption that pervades the Tory party and its Prime Minister, that any MPs and members of that Party who continue to support either, should now be regarded as 5th Columnists. After all, they are implicitly aiding and abetting a deranged lunatic in the Kremlin who is willing to cause the catastrophe of another World War.

As one well known geopolitical commentator says – “At this rate Russian troops could be marching through Kyiv before the EU, UK and US has implemented any sanctions.”

What if Vlad the Impaler decides he’s going to kill thousands of Ukrainians on the streets of Kyiv unless we relent and give him what he wants? What if he threatens us with nuclear weapons if we don’t kneel to his command? A Ukrainian MP speaking on world service today just pointed out that “Ukraine has 15 nuclear power stations and if Russian forces deliberately/inadvertently strikes one, the whole world will live with the consequences for generations.” This is especially so for Europeans – us included. Forget COP26 – Fancy nuclear-contaminated air and food for the rest of your life?

This is the last throw of the dice for Putin. He has nothing to lose now – and there’s nothing more dangerous than someone who has nothing to lose. But for the rest of us?

In the meantime, China is watching what liberal democracy around the world is doing. If Vlad is allowed to take Ukraine, Beijing will be emboldened and the game is up one way or another – sooner or later. It was only two weeks ago that Putin and China’s Xi Jinping shook hands and agreed to an alliance. Quite what that alliance really means is unknown. It has not been tested … yet.

Make no mistake, a new Cold War has already started. That cannot be averted. Now a hot war is underway – and this could escalate and rapidly spin out of control. What then for millions of Ukrainians as they run for cover to European countries? What then of the death of thousands of children, their parents and their loss of liberty.

What could Britain do to help Ukraine? Leaving aside the complete shutdown of illicit money flowing through the City of London, Russian access to capital markets should be immediately closed and assets seized or frozen. It could start then by revoking all golden visas of Russian oligarchs and their families.

One political commentator suggests – “If the UK really wants to hit the Russians where it hurts, remove the visas from the 2,300 Russian pupils at British private schools”. This point is made well when considering that these people linked to the Kremlin have access to the best that the UK offers – education, financial services, culture, property, sporting events (and clubs), lawyers and so on – and yet despite the behaviour of Putin’s regime, their access remains in place.

We didn’t offer that much support to those that tried to help us in our completely failed efforts in Afghanistan – none of whom directly threatened our national security. And before anyone starts to comment on the fact we shouldn’t be picking on Russian families and their children – think of the plight of millions of Ukrainian children first. It is in our national interest to save Ukraine and get rid of Russian influence here at home. Only then, when the oligarchs realise their lives are being ruined, will they turn their attention towards Putin. Only then, when the Russian people feel the effects of sanctions on home life will they turn their attention towards the cause of their suffering.



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