America’s biggest criminal banking operation targets UK retail market

23rd February 2020 / NewsBits
  • The world’s biggest lender by market capitalisation is set to introduce savings and loans products using the Chase brand in the next few months, according to a number of financial news outlets.
  • The New York-listed bank is due to hold an investor day next week and will set out growth strategy details.
  • JP Morgan has held talks with City and banking regulators to ensure it has the required approvals ahead of the launch.
  • JP Morgan is one of the most aggressive banking operations in the world, is permanently in the top two most fined in America for its egregious, fraudulent criminality including (but not exclusively) mortgage fraud, securities abuses, investor fraud, banking violations (too numerous to list), false claims, market manipulation, rigging, trading violations, energy market manipulation – to name just a few.

Source: Marketwatch. Violation Tracker


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