Crufts blame Brexit for a drop in ‘significant fall overseas applications’

12th February 2020 / NewsBits
  • The Kennel Club, the organisers behind the dog show, believe that concerns from dog owners about the possible restrictions on travelling with a dog after Brexit as a reason.
  • There had been a rise each year in applications since the EU introduced the Pet Travel Scheme, enabling owners in the UK, EU and other countries to travel with their dogs using a pet passport.
  • But organisers revealed a 12% drop in overseas applications – with 3,171 participating compared to 3,611 the year before.
  • The largest drop came from Sweden and France, with notable falls in applications from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic and Belgium. A total of 20,000 dogs will compete in this year’s competition at the Birmingham NEC arena, with 16,525 from the UK.

Source: NewEuropean


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