Cyber security breaches hit unprecedented highs in UK defence industry

8th January 2020 / NewsBits
  • Cyber security breaches have risen to unprecedented levels across the British defence industry over the last year, according to a heavily redacted government document obtained by Sky News.
  • Sky News previously revealed the MoD and its partners failed to protect military and defence data in 37 incidents throughout the whole of 2017, with military data exposed to state-level cyber risks on dozens of occasions.
  • These incidents included defence information being left unprotected to foreign states’ surveillance of internet traffic, and checks not being performed to spot sophisticated espionage malware on computer devices, according to government documents.
  • However, the flurry of reports recorded in a MoD initial actions document – covering all breaches and contraventions of security policy made to the Defence Industry Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (WARP) between 11 October 2018 and 21 October 2019 – has soared to 64.




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