GDP 2020-21 – UK 2nd Worst From Top 25

21st January 2022 / NewsBits
  • The USA, China, Japan, Germany and UK make up the top 5 of the top 25 economies of the world by GDP.
  • However, the UK’s economy has fallen harder than almost all in the top 25 during the pandemic.
  • Spain (14th highest GDP from top 25) recorded the worst fall of all at minus 10.8 per cent,. The UK (5th) was next at -9.1 per cent, then Italy (8th) -8.9 per cent, Mexico (15th) – 8.3 per cent, France (7th) – 7.9 per cent.
  • The bottom 5 of the top 25 performing economies of the world (in terms of GDP) all did better than the UK; ¬†Austria (25th) -6.7 per cent, Thailand (24th) 6.1 per cent, Belgium (23rd) 5.7 per cent, Sweden (22nd) -2.9 per cent, Poland (21st) -2.5 per cent.

Source: Investopedia/Wikipedia


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