Julian Assange being tortured by British state in prison

12th February 2020 / NewsBits
  • Last October, Julian Assange was been told there can be no delay in his US extradition case, as he appeared in court in London.
  • The WikiLeaks founder’s legal team requested more time to submit evidence and the postponement of the full extradition hearing, while claiming the charges against him were politically motivated, at a case management hearing at Westminster magistrates court.
  • After the defence and prosecution clashed over the timetabling of the hearings and their allocated timeframes for evidence submission, the district judge Vanessa Baraitser refused to extend the expected proceedings and told Assange his full extradition case would begin on 25 February.
  • Phillip Adams, host of Australian Broadcasting Corporation wrote on his Twitter account – “Yanis Varoufakis emails me to say Julian Assange rang him on prison pay-phone. Talked for 30 minutes. Julian confirms he spends 23 hours of every day in solitary. Torture! The UN states solitary confinement is classed as torture.

Source: Phillip Adams

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