New post-Brexit immigration rules will fuel modern slavery, say charities

23rd February 2020 / NewsBits
  • The proposed closure of UK borders to low-skilled workers after Brexit risks driving vulnerable EU citizens into modern slavery, charities have said. They warned the ban will lead to a boom in a black market for low-paid workers that will be exploited by criminals and lead to coercion and abuse.
  • The charities say it will harm EU citizens already in the country who may not know their legal rights post-Brexit and others lured by a glut of cash-in-hand jobs in restaurants, offices, farms and construction sites, who will risk being brought into the country by traffickers.
  • One charity, the East European Resource Centre, fears some businesses will be happy to hire undocumented workers if the supply of low-skilled workers is choked off by the immigration policy.
  • “Let’s not kid ourselves: someone will have to do the dirty, low-paid jobs, from construction to food processing to social care. Where are these workers going to come from?” said Barbara Drozdowicz, the centre’s chief executive.

Source: East European Resource Centre


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