Three quarters of British truckers expect to go out of business within just 2 months

3rd May 2020 / NewsBits
  • UK truckers are warning Boris Johnson’s government that thousands could go out of business in weeks without more financial support for dealing with the impact of the coronavirus on their industry.
  • The truckers are playing a vital role in transporting essentials like food and PPE around Britain during the coronavirus pandemic, but their futures still look bleak. Three-quarters say they don’t expect their jobs to survive beyond two months, a stark new survey, conducted in the latter part of April and published this weekend, has found.
  • When asked by the RHA how long they expect their livelihoods to survive at current volume, 75% said two months or less, while 52% said no more than a month. 13% said they expected to go out of business within two weeks. The pain being inflicted on the industry is particularly acute for truckers moving loads, which aren’t food and PPE.
  • Demand for other goods like clothing has plummeted amid the COVID-19 outbreak, while the UK government’s strict social distancing measures have forced shops, restaurants, and factories across the country to close.

Source: Business Insider


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