Trump official admits US is prioritising EU over UK for trade deal

12th February 2020 / NewsBits
  • The White House’s economic adviser Larry Kudlow has said that because there is “some structure” to talks with the European Union, “reigniting that will be easier” than starting the whole process with the UK.
  • As a new team are in office at the European Commission officials have now agreed to reset relations between the US and EU, with both sides keen to avoid a transatlantic tariff battle.
  • Recent reports suggested that Boris Johnson’s decision over Huawei and their involvement in the 5G infrastructure in the UK is likely to have caused a setback with post-Brexit talks.
  • The Financial Times reports that Trump vented “apoplectic” fury at Boris Johnson in a tense phone call following the decision. Kudlow added: “We are all interested in doing something. But there’s no structure to it yet”.


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