Brexit : Remain or Leave, it will backfire on all of us

19th June 2016 / United Kingdom

By Graham Vanbergen – The UK’s biggest decision is just days away and if nothing else has engaged almost everyone one way or another. Even if you are one of those who can’t be bothered to vote, you’ve got an opinion on the matter and been involved in a debate on it.

One thing is for sure, the politicians and establishment media have an awful lot to explain when the dust settles. Half of the voting population will be happy their side won, the other side will not accept the result due to the scale of misinformation, lies and propaganda that led the campaigns. Project Fear and Project Anger both failed as did those leading the venomous bile that will make the public sigh once again that politics is simply a waste of time. Future electoral turnouts will fall even further.

Just before the turn of this year, public trust in politicians went even lower than that of bankers – who would have thought that. How was that even possible? Bankers are nothing more than a parasitical cancer that erodes just about everything that is decent in this world. But it was clearly confirmed throughout the referendum campaigning.

The institutional big guns were wheeled in one at a time. The bank of England, the UK treasury, the IMF and OECD, economic guru’s, along with the bit hitters at the EU Commission and EU Parliament and none other than the president of the United States of America himself. Then we had the bosses of Britain’s biggest corporations, British Gas, Shell, BAE Systems, BT, HSBC and Diageo to name just a few. But half of the population don’t believe any of them. Confirmation that the general public have lost all faith in these national and international institutions. We are heading towards a tepid form of failed state when that happens.

The press have been so bad, its been embarrassing as collectively most of them have given up on ethics, professionalism or indeed even attempting to inform the public of any type of balanced argument or debate. It’s both bizarre and ironic that these so-called ‘newspapers’ are owned by offshore tax evaders and charlatans that don’t actually live in the EU or contribute to the public purse themselves whilst driving the national debate on both. It’s clear that distorting public opinion not delivering facts, more often that not is the basis of our modern democracy.

Politicians and papers are playing on fear as a blueprint for success. When the referendum is over people will feel duped by all the lies. Not many of us really think that Boris Johnson believes in Brexit and just as many feel Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t believe in remaining in the EU. These are the political machinations of those that believe they are destined for the real seat of power when Cameron is stabbed in the back.

David Cameron has not had a good word to say about the UK if it were to leave the European Union, which it could well vote to do and that says something about our Prime Minister and the team that support him. If Britain ‘Remains’ we have a PM who cannot manage the country without being told what do by an unelected bunch of bureaucrats at the EU Commission.

The economy of the UK is slowing down, not because of Leaving or Remaining but simply because of the uncertainty of the political fallout. Who knows what’s next no matter what the result. Will Cameron be usurped by his own party who ended up angry and divided. Will a motion of no-confidence oust the elected leader? And how long will all that take. We will not be poorer economically because of this debate but because investors will have no idea what to do next precisely because of our politicians.

David Cameron put the country in this position in the first place because he misread the political mood of the country at the last election and in a desperate moment of cowardice threw a dice to win his position as PM … at all costs.

Politics and the establishment media will never recover from their already all-time low standing in society after this dreadful episode in Britain’s history unless some serious reform takes place. It’s not as if you could say this was democracy in action with all of its poisonous lies and deception and monied interests at the heart of campaigning.

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Taking such enormous risks with Britain’s economy, long-term prosperity, security and what was left of its place internationally was anything but courageous and was driven by nothing more than plain old greed that will backfire on all of us in the end. The likes of Cameron, Johnson, Osborne and Corbyn have not got our best interest at heart – just their own.


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