Britain’s Role In The Road To Global Conflict in Syria

10th April 2018 / United Kingdom
Britain's Role In The Road To Global Conflict in Syria

By TruePublica: On the 8th March, a few days after the Novichok poisoning we reported that the story of double agent Sergei Skripal was not what it seemed at first sight.

On 12th March we exposed what Skripal did for a living with confirmation from a former Russian intelligence officer who now lives in exile in Britain had said Skripal was still working with Russian military intelligence and not retired as stated by the press.

 “You have a Russian military intelligence officer working in the Russian diplomatic service, working in cybersecurity and every month going to the [Russian] embassy to meet military intelligence officers.” 

On the 15th March, we reported that the US was capitalising on the Skripal event with extraordinary impetus. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said just prior to being sacked by the chaotic Trump administration that the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal “clearly came from Russia” and “would have serious consequences.”

Nikki Haley, the permanent US representative to the UN – “has blamed Russia for the attempted murder of double agent Sergei Skripal, saying it stands in “absolute solidarity” with Britain on the matter.” Two-thirds of all Russian diplomats expelled across the Western world were expelled from just two countries – Britain and the US.

Then we put two and two together and predicted that there would be a “final push to end the (Syrian) conflict as it begins a very dangerous stage. Allies on both sides have been called to arms.”

We said in that same report “it is just as likely that this is Theresa May’s “45-minute attack warning” – just as it was for Tony Blair, which was one of the most fraudulent claims ever made by the British government, supported of course, by the mainstream media.

The Skripal event was focused on a chemical weapon attack. Skripal is Russian. This entire fantasy is nothing more than iconography and finger pointing – an exercise in pretext for war. We’ve seen it all before.

Chemical weapons

America is about to conduct an all-out attack in Syria – the final push, under the pretext of chemical weapons. Israel has already escalated its position and is waging a growing war with countless aerial bombing raids that included the attack on a Syrian regime airbase east of Homs recently. Relations between Netanyahu and Putin have crashed.

Russia has said it found no trace of a chlorine attack in Douma when its personnel visited the town. Many will immediately and understandably dismiss that statement – but the Russians may not have been the only ones to visit. Russian media claim that the Red Crescent – the equivalent of the Red Cross in the Middle East – also visited the city and found nothing to suggest a chemical attack had taken place.

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The red line is always chemical weapons.


Britain covertly wades in

Britain has undisclosed numbers of SAS boots on the ground in Syria. The evidence for that is in the SkyNews report that a SAS soldier had been killed by IS in Syria whilst embedded with the Americans. Britain does not have to declare any soldier numbers if they are embedded you see. In the meantime, Britain dropped 3,400 bombs in Syria and Iraq during 2017 and is still doing so. Britain has now spent one thousand eight hundred million pounds on munitions dropped from drones alone, as opposed to George Osborne’s statement Dec 2015 outright lie of the ‘low tens of millions.’ DroneWars UK reports that the UK is the only European country currently operating armed drones in Syria having conducted 110 raids already this year. The Skripal Novichok fantasy was all about the use of chemical weapons and blaming Russia in readiness for the final push.


Map of World and Syria in Red and global involvement

Global Conflict

The truth is that all four hemispheres are involved in the final push. The US State Department lists 62 countries as members of its global coalition force.

Iran, Iraq, Russia, Hesbollah and others are the opposition. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Even Greek and Italian companies are assisting Syria with infrastructure and support facilities in its moment of need.

New National Security Adviser John Bolton, a well-known uberhawk, started his job on Monday morning. President Trump has vowed to make a decision on whether to use force in the next 24 hours. Bolton is a strong and powerful voice advocating for US force – that is why he was appointed.

There is no doubt, the final push is going to be the most dangerous escalation of the Syrian conflict since its 15th March 2011 start. And whilst Syria has become an increasingly complicated theatre for great-power rivalry, it has also become the battleground for a global proxy war between East and West.

As long ago as Dec 2015 and Feb 2016, TruePublica was warning that an ‘escalation ladder’ in Syria could quickly turn into something far worse.

No one is articulating even the faintest vision of what a post-conflict Syria might look like, probably because Western interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have proven to end in total state failure.

With IS supposedly defeated, the only reason for the final push is the muscle flexing for global supremacy between the emerging super-powers and America (and its allies) – a classic East-West confrontation.


That Chemical attack

As for the recent chemical attack in Syria Craig Murray, British ex-ambassador says: “I have never ruled out the possibility that Russia is responsible for the attack in Salisbury, amongst other possibilities. But I do rule out the possibility that Assad is dropping chemical weapons in Ghouta. In this extraordinary war, where jihadist head choppers have Israeli air support and US and UK military “advisers”, every time the Syrian army is about to take complete control of a major jihadist enclave, at the last moment when victory is in their grasp, the Syrian Army allegedly attacks children with chemical weapons, for no military reason at all. We have been fed this narrative again and again and again.

We then face a propaganda onslaught from neo-con politicians, think tanks and “charities” urging a great rain of Western bombs and missiles, and are accused of callousness towards suffering children if we demur. This despite the certain knowledge that Western military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have had consequences which remain to this day utterly disastrous.

I fear that the massive orchestration of Russophobia over the last two years is intended to prepare public opinion for a wider military conflict centred on the Middle East, but likely to spread, and that we are approaching that endgame. The dislocation of the political and media class from the general population is such, that the levers for people of goodwill to prevent this are, as with Iraq, extremely few as politicians quake in the face of media jingoism. These feel like extremely dangerous times.



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