British People and Western Counterparts Expecting WW3 and Major Terrorist Atrocities

9th January 2017 / United Kingdom

New YouGov research dated 5th January across eight Western nations finds that people are fully anticipating the outbreak of World War Three and further major terror attacks in 2017.

The survey finds that the four most powerful nations in the West; the USA, UK, France and Germany have almost two thirds (63%) of their populations braced for a new world war that is almost upon us.

With non-stop conflict leading to huge civilian deaths in the middle-east, the number of refugees on the move greater than at any time since WW2, mass migrations, an antagonistic USA/NATO stance towards Russia, an increasingly assertive China in the Pacific, Ukraine, and new conflicts emerging in Africa, it is hardly surprising that people feel this way.

At this moment in time, 163 nations across the world are involved one way or another in some sort of serious conflict.

YouGov findings from survey of 9000 people across eight countries


The YouGov report states “One of the most obvious major threats to world peace – especially in Europe – is Russia. In every country surveyed large majorities of people believe Russia to be a major or significant military threat to the rest of Europe. Between 59% and 71% of people consider Russia to be a big threat, with people from Britain and the Nordic countries the most concerned.

The mainstream media is clearly winning the information war if the YouGov statistics are to believed. Even though Russia has just 4 overseas military bases, two on its own doorstep, one in Syria and one in Vietnam, how can it compare to America’s empire of over 800 overseas military bases covering 70 countries (See latest map on global military domination HERE). Russia’s annual military spend of around 10 percent of America and less than 5 percent of Western expenditure that regards Russia an enemy puts Russia on the back-foot as it would have little to no chance of winning a world war.

In addition, the report also says that Britain, France, Germany and the US – are clearly braced for a big terror attack in 2017. “In France, which has suffered two major terrorist attacks in the last 14 months, as many as 81% of people think a major terror attack is likely in 2017.” (this poll was conducted before the Berlin Christmas market attack).

For perspective, since and including the September 11th attacks in New York, there have been 144 listed incidents of terrorism across the world ending with 17,268 fatalities, with an average 120 persons killed per incident (not including subsequent fatalities as a result of injuries). Just over 85 per cent of all attacks were listed as Islamic Extremism under ‘political ideology’. However, one should not forget that of all terrorist attacks, only eight were on Western soil killing 3606 (including 9/11) or 610 people excluding 9/11.

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Even when including 9/11, just under 80 per cent of terrorist killings took place outside of Western soil, and if you exclude 9/11, 96.5 percent have been killed away from Western lands.

In the previous 16 year period from 1985 to 2001 there were 24 listed incidents killing 4222 individuals, an average of 175 per incident. Since 9/11 there has been an escalation of well over 500 percent in acts of terrorism across the world, the vast majority in the have occurred in the Middle-East.

All in all, 64 percent of American’s believe there will be a new world war soon and 60 percent believe it will be Russia who causes it. This is according to YouGov. How true is this number? Well, one reporter decided to test his followers on the question of trust in the intelligence services.

From ZeroHedgeCNBC Political reporter, friend of Hillary, and Democratic Party sycophant John Harwood took to Twitter last night to ask:

 “Who do you believe America? Wikileaks, or US Intel Officials?”

The response, which emerged from his immediate following which one would surmise, should gravitate toward Harwood’s liberal ideology and thus respond in a way Harwood expected, was yet another slap in the face for the establishment’s perspective on how the world should really run.

Yes, that’s right. Over 85,000 people responded and 83 percent said they get their information from Wikileaks and don’t believe US Intelligence Officials, so perhaps they don’t really believe what they are being told by the establishment press.

The likelihood of another world war is all over the press at the moment and so it’s not hard to understand why people are starting to get afraid though.

The Metro reports: Military chiefs in the US say that war between the states is ‘almost guaranteed’ at some point in the future and that it would be quick. Major General William Hix said: ‘A conventional conflict in the near future will be extremely lethal and fast, and we will not own the stopwatch.

His comments were echoed by Lt Gen Joseph Anderson and Chief of Staff Gen Mark A Milley who described war between nation states as ‘almost guaranteed’.

The Telegraph reports bigger trends are at play globally. We are seeing the return of great power politics – and with it, the risk of powerful states going to war, speculating that Russia is in the frame as the bad guy who will end the world as we know it.

The Independent opines that “World War Three is just around the corner and the planet is teetering on the brink of all-out conflict.”

Welcome to 2017 – another year where politicians continue to wreak havoc across the world.


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