Climate Crisis: ‘Wreckers of the Earth 2021’ Map and Directory

22nd October 2021 / United Kingdom
Climate Crisis - The 'Wreckers of the Earth 2021

The ‘Wreckers of the Earth’ project, containing maps of London and a detailed directory, identifies 300 of the main planet-killing companies, banks, investment funds and institutions with their bases in London that contributes heavily towards the climate crisis.

The updated project shows how London-based companies work together as a coordinated system of power to profit from climate destruction. The project focuses on London as the world’s second-largest financial centre and a global hub for fossil fuel giants and mining companies.

Just in time for COP26, the directory spotlights Unilever and NatWest, two “principal partners” (sponsors) of COP26 in Glasgow starting next month. Other, high profile “earth wreckers” listed in the directory are also expected to be at COP26 including oil and gas giant BP and nuclear power pusher Rolls Royce PLC.

The project breakdowns each company into:


  1. The primary planet-killers: companies on the “front lines” of ecological devastation. E.g. Hydrocarbon extractors, mining giants, and agribusiness empires.
  2. The facilitators: companies that provide the supply lines and services without which the “front line” companies couldn’t function. E.g. banks, investment funds, insurers, and law firms.
  3. Ideology industry: the institutions promoting and normalising environmental destruction, runaway growth, and the profit motive. E.g. media, academic units, think tanks, lobbyists, and PR firms.


Check out the ‘Wreckers of the Earth’ portal here.
1. To see and print the London map listing the top planet killers click here.

2. To use the interactive map with all 300 London-based companies click here.

3. To read and search through the directory listing each company and their ecocidal atrocities click here for the online version and here for the pdf.

4. To interact with the dino-monster showing the coordinated system of power and profit click here.

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The project does not end here. Over the coming weeks, we will publish further analysis of these industries, companies and their relationships, an interactive tree diagram, as well as reports on major ecological struggles against a number of these companies.

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