David Cameron – In or Out of Europe – Victory or Farce?

27th February 2016 / United Kingdom

The world is crazy, asinine, deprived of all common sense. Presstitute pundits aping the opinions and values of politicians, of pathetic, unelected politicians, of self-styled lords. The lords of Brussels are falling on their knees to beg ‘Sir’ Cameron, to retain the United Kingdom in the sick, defunct non-union, called the European Union.

Flash back one year and juxtaposed to the current EU-UK show of embrace: The masters of Maastricht, the new fascists of Europe, Schaeuble and Co, with the help of the infamous ‘troika’, the self-appointed European Commission, the European (non) Central Bank and the IMF, have literally slaughtered another member of the EU, Greece – and they are continuing the assassination of the Greek people, through systematic deprivation of health services, privatization of public and social services, literally robbing the last physical asset of the country, leaving hordes of people without work, without income and without health services and education. That’s the disgraceful EU – menacing expulsing the cradle of Democracy if she will not obey the dictate of Brussels neocolonial economics – that’s the un-solidary European Union. While the same EU is pleading with the UK, the US vassal numero uno, to please remain a member of our elitist club – we will accommodate any condition you may require. And so it happened. Perhaps with some leverage of Washington’s.

What has the UK done for Europe? Other than being the epitome of a neoliberal capitalist mole for Washington helping dictating the will of the corporate Zionist-Anglo-Saxon elite upon the ‘Old Continent’?

And Greece? – The people of Greece a year ago have taken the liberty in a democratic election attempting to retake their sovereignty by electing a socialist government. Totally intolerable in a neo-fascist world. The country had to be punished and strangled – strangled in debt, and threatened with death. At that time the Greek debt of about 120% of GDP would have been well manageable without more debt infusion which drove the debt-GDP ratio up to close to 200% in 2015. Debt is a perfect instrument forcing a country to give-away its national assets to the looter-creditors.

Nobody will admit death threats were at stake, but how else would it be possible that the elected left-wing leader makes a 180-degree U-turn – and becomes a neoliberal serf? – In his two bestsellers of An Economic Hitmen, John Perkins has more than convincingly explained how the system works: either you do what we tell you to do, or else… And the ‘else’ is what most politicians fear – for their own lives, and the lives of their families and loved ones. Examples abound.

Mind you we are here talking about a white collar criminal gang that has structured the (EU) laws so that the noble crooks are operating fully within their countries’ legal system – and we the people, have completely lost track of the moment when our democratically elected legislators made laws to ‘legally’ oppress, rob and abuse us, the 99.99%.

These white collar criminals are now begging the UK not to leave the ‘union’ – the same white collar criminals who are continuing murdering a country, threatening it with eviction from the EU, because it dared to take her sovereignty back from Brussels. It is beyond imagination and believe that Greece accepts this dictate, unless they suffer badly from the Stockholm syndrome, loving their hangman more than freedom; or, of course, for Economic Hitmen (EHM) at work.

Greece could reject this fascist dictate, according to the expressed will of the people, take the consequences, leaving the EU and the Eurozone, starting afresh with a public banking system, revamping her economy and social system for the good of the people. In 5 to 10 years Greece could be fully recovered and be a shining light for others suffering the neoliberal sledge hammer of Brussels and its troika masters.

Back to Mr. Cameron: After a 30-hour marathon session of ‘intense’ so-called negotiations with the EU Brussels clan, “Sir” David Cameron triumphed, forced concessions out of Brussels – more autonomy from Brussels and no social benefits to immigrants – and the little mentioned border closing to refugees. Cameron went home, claiming victory, recommending his subjects to vote ‘yes’ – for we want to stay in the union – in a referendum set for 23 June 2016. How could they, the Europeans, let them, the UK, go – these peons of the United States? – The whole referendum is a farce. Brexit was only a propaganda tool to give the EU a much needed boost. But is it really? Now the conservative mayor of London, Sir Boris Johnson, has joined the ‘no to Europe’ camp. His voice is strong and has leverage.

Washington also has leverage. When it comes down to the vote, Washington will not allow its mole in the EU to leave, nor will Obama’s poodle, David Cameron, be defeated. The stakes are too high – the collapse of the entire EU is at risk. In the run-up to the 23 June vote, Washington will pump millions, hundreds of millions, if necessary, into pro Europe propaganda and apply other vote manipulation strategies, as they usually do when they want regime change, or specific election results.

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Refreshing our memories: Washington interests prevailed through so-called ‘election coups’ – last November in Argentina the ultra-neoliberal Mauricio Macri ‘won’ against all odds with a paper-thin 2.5% margin against his center-left contender, who was ahead after the first round; and in December in Venezuela, where parliamentary elections gave the right wing a two thirds majority.

Spain is still ‘pending’, as no workable government has yet seen the light of the day after the 20 December 2015 elections. New elections may be called for and chances are that Rajoy with much foreign funded and manipulated propaganda might then win an absolute majority; or else, the workers party (PSOE) Sanchez, now mandated by King Felipe to form a government, may be forced to go the way of Tsipras. As Perkins points out, EHMs are well and alive also in Europe.

The point is – the dissolution of Europe or the collapse of the Eurozone is not in Washington’s cards, nor in the vassals of Brussels game plan. With the secretly, literally behind closed doors, negotiated TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) – Europe is destined to become a high-tech low-wage colony of the empire. That’s a fact. We are already there. It’s just a matter of time when all the wheels start turning – and that will happen when the TTIP is rammed down the European citizens’ throat, when private corporate courts have supremacy over sovereign national courts, when literally corporations decide who will live and who will die.

The unraveling drama about Brexit or not in the presstitute media is nothing but a show. It’s a propaganda for others who might consider exiting this unholy union to be warned of the dire consequences, whatever they may be. Indeed, a Brexit as well as a Grexit, could set dynamics in motion which may escape Washington’s control.

Germans, French as well as the Nordics, are weary of the EU, the increasing false or true terror threats, the increasing militarization of their countries, the US / NATO war caused destabilizing flood of refugees from the bombed-to-rubble Middle Eastern home lands – most EU countries would like to take back their destiny, as sovereign, autonomous nations. Away from the nefarious neoliberal all-destructive globalization, and back to the concept of local production for local markets – with public banks that work to restore national economies, not to feed the greed of WS shareholders.

Victory or farce apart, Cameron may have set in motion a process against his own wits (sic) that might liberate Europe from the neocolonial fangs of the Empire. Such new found freedom might also help awaken Europe’s consciousness: never again becoming colonial powers, such as in the past 500 years, exploiting, looting and murdering the people of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Instead, respecting peoples of all creeds and colors. It’s a long process – and a very long shot. But it’s the only one that may allow the survival of mankind in the generous lap of Mother Earth.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

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