Farage: “I’ll be leader of the UK Conservative Party by 2026”

19th October 2023 / United Kingdom
Farage: "I’ll be leader of the UK Conservative Party by 2026"

TruePublica Editor: Don’t drink anything hot reading this. Nigel Farage says he believes he’ll be leading the Conservative Party within three years. Yes – it’s true, he does truly believe this.

Speaking to the Politics Home website, the fanatic Brexiteer and small boat reporter of the century said: “I’d be very surprised if I were not Conservative leader by ‘26. Very surprised.

I’d be very surprised too as it would only show which direction the Tory party is going in. Don’t forget, Farage is, alongside Johnson – a political opportunist par excellence so it is highly likely Farage seriously thinks he’s in with a shout.

This may explain Farage’s appearance at the recent Tory party conference which was really something of a strange sight given that it was Farage who did so much damage to the Tory party when Cameron was in charge of No10. So, how serious is a Farage return to Tory politics? The former Brexit Party leader insisted he was “serious” about aiming for party leadership, then later told Politics Home that he made the statement “in jest.” Hmm!

As an anchor for the right-wing swivel-eyed TV outlet GB News, funded by an off-shore, dark money outfit located somewhere in The Gulf that pushed the Brexit failed ideology, the former MEP was greeted as something of a hero by the Tory faithful or ‘hardliners’ as most would say.

He spent much of his time posing for selfies and signing autographs. It only goes to show just how desperate the Tory party is becoming, which is expected to be demolished at the next election.

For Farage, however, the first hurdle would be his readmittance as a Tory Party member. He left the Tories in 1992 following the signing of the Maastricht Treaty and has since led right-wing populist outfits such as UKIP, the Brexit Party and the so-called Reform Party now led by the rather extreme political mouthpiece of the hard-right, Richard Tice.

Politico reports that – “A number of high-profile Conservatives — including Rishi Sunak — have chosen not to shut down the prospect of Farage returning to the fold. “The Tory Party is a broad church”, Sunak told GB News earlier this month. “I welcome lots of people who want to subscribe to our ideals, to our values.

It’s hard to believe that Nigel Farage subscribes to any set of values within the current Tory party except, of course, those espoused by his all-time heroin – the small boat dictator … Suella Braverman.


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