How low can the Tory leadership race go – this low?

25th May 2019 / United Kingdom
How low can the Tory leadership race go - this low?

Just at the time of Britain’s most needy moment since the last world war, the Tories have decided the best thing to do is not face up to the very serious challenges of our time but to have their own beauty contest to find out just how ugly the participants can get – other than competing for the stupidness of the Grayling cup.

Boris Johnson, the bookies favourite is in court for lying over the whole Brexit saga. One can only fret at the thought of this man becoming PM of Britain and turning what is left of the international laughing stock into something a lot less funny. It is unlikely Johnson will be prosecuted.

Raab has just announced his vision of Britain is a race to the bottom by stating unequivocally that taxes should fall to 15 and 35 per cent, whilst having no idea how to fund the revenue crash other than shut government departments down. An authoritarian by nature, Raab is likely to be dismissed early in the race, against all the predictions.

Hunt, McVey and Gove speak volumes. Serial liars, extreme neoliberal capitalists, bigots and backstabbers or a combination thereof. McVey will fall early.


Matt Hancock’s couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say about his leadership bid other than to say – “I just think we need a new face.” He will also fall early.

There are others too – Rory Stewart, James Cleverly, Sajid Javid and Andrea Leadsom along with Mordant and Baker to name just a few.

There’s a single potential who will not win this time around who does have some interesting things to say in future – that is Rory Stewart. Stewart’s time is not now but he will be resurgent another time and may well be an unexpected challenger to be the only real contender against Johnson. Other than him, not one springs to mind as having the intelligence and presence to lead a gang of drug crazed psycho’s at a snow and blow banquet let alone lead the sixth largest economy in the world.

But the latest contender is Mark Harper, and his bid to become PM demonstrates just how detached from society the party has become. Someone sane should have told him to be quiet and hide in a corner. He’s the ex-immigration minister who resigned back in 2014 after admitting he employed an illegal immigrant as his cleaner. He was unable to find any documentation papers for the cleaner he’d employed for seven years. He was praised as a man of integrity by Cameron who lied when he said Harper has significantly reduced immigration into the UK when he didn’t. His cleaner was arrested at her own daughter’s wedding.


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It was Harper who oversaw the vans driving around the capital with messages to immigrants saying ‘go home or face arrest’ – all part of the building hostile environment built by Theresa May and her non-stop catastrophic failures at the Home Office, demonstrated by the Windrush scandal and destroying the police’s ability to fight crime, whilst illegally surveilling everyone else for no reason.

Other than Harper’s ability to reject any sense of morality and toe the line like a mindless puppet, he has no accomplishments whatsoever – like none. And yet, he sees himself as having the qualities of Prime Minister of Britain – and obviously others in the party do as well. However, he will likely drop out early in the leadership race.

These deluded aspirants demonstrate one thing and one thing only – Britain will soon be rid of a party that plunged the country into darkness and set the nation back decades. The party is so self-absorbed and detached from reality that it is currently taking selfies and admiring their own phoney qualities. It’s like watching a bunch of school kids in a playground – only worse.

Watch out for Rory Stewart, he could well be the saviour of what is left of the Conservatives.



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