Leaked: Labour’s election manifesto grid

27th October 2019 / United Kingdom

TruePublica Editor: Karie Murphy is a Scottish Labour Party activist. She is Executive Director of the Leader’s Office, under Jeremy Corbyn. In October 2019, she was chosen to lead the party’s prospective general election campaign.

Gabriel Pogrund is a politics and investigations reporter at The Sunday Times. Apparently, he has had leaked to him by Murphy – Labour’s election manifesto grid – a document that lays out the key areas in its manifesto with which it will fight the upcoming election expected to be this December. I can’t think why this would have been leaked – if nothing else to send false messages. We all know how politics and politicians work today – its all smoke and mirrors stuff.

Either way – this looks like an early draft of sorts. Key areas missing would also include the scrapping of Universal Credit or at least a massive shakedown of it. From an ideological point of view a big statement about austerity would be expected and investment into jobs.

Day 1 Launch, Day 2 Brexit, Day 3  NHS funding, Day 4  National Education Service, Day 5  High St,  Day 6  Dentistry  NB: Big extension of free dental care, Day 7 Taxation, Day 8 Animal welfare, Day 9 Low pay, Day 10 Rail tickets, Day 11 WASPI generation, Day 12 International, Day 13 Education, Day 14 MANIFESTO LAUNCH,  Day 15 No Deal: attack, Day 16 Constitution day,  Day 17  Regional manifesto(s), Day 18 Social security intervention, Day 19 Government that works for you,  Day 20 Social care, Day 21 Climate chaos, Day 22 Cycling + walking,  Day 23 ENERGY FOR ALL, Day 24 Race & Faith, Day 25 Housing, Day 26 Crime and justice and Day 27 Culture.



Pogrund published a series of tweets saying – “Murphy dismayed colleagues last week by saying: “I don’t know much about [polling]. I hear about it all the time though.” She also rejected idea of targeting, telling staff to ignore “private” rumours and accept “we ripped up those rules in 2017… Every single seat is there.”

“Also, I’m told that Murphy resisted McDonnell’s “coup” and demanded a new job from Corbyn at the exact same time that McDonnell sat down for an interview in GQ with Alistair Campbell.”

“McDonnell and allies wish to professionalise election operation. They reject “99% approach” of uber optimism Critics say he’s gone rogue, have circulated evidence he recently met Patrick Heneghan (2017 election chief & treated with suspicion by Corbynistas) for “quiet chat”

As said – there are lots of expected policy ideas there but more importantly, some obvious ones missing. Unlike the Tory manifesto which will undoubtedly focus more on Brexit, this plays down that single issue. We’ll see.

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