May accused of ignoring the plight of terminally ill universal credit claimants

12th January 2018 / United Kingdom
May accused of ignoring the plight of terminally ill universal credit claimants

By Steven Preece: Drew Hendry MP has condemned Theresa May for ignoring the plight of people with a terminal illness who are forced to meet with work coaches, or fit into an arbitrary 6 month prognosis in order to claim support.


In Prime Minister’s Questions, the MP said this Christmas will be the last for many terminally ill people on Universal Credit.


Mr Hendry said Theresa May must finally listen to the experts at MND UK and MacMillan Cab, and remove these conditions to allow some dignity as these people and their families face the end of their lives.


The SNP MP said: “People with terminal illness are being treated callously by this Tory government, and the Prime Minister has yet again failed to see the need to take action.


“Those with terminal illness, many of whom die before the claims are paid, have to “self-certify” that they only have months to live, even if they didn’t wish the doctors to tell them of the nature of their fate.

“It’s absolutely heartless.”

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He continued: “For over 4 years, since the Universal Credit pilot in my constituency, the agencies, charities, Council and I have been telling the UK government of the problems and hardship that these systemic failings are causing.

“We thought they would listen and adjust it as it progressed but the years of suggestions to improve it, meetings with ministers, joint letters, debates, demands, even pleading, have fallen on deaf ears.”




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