The Neoliberal Farce That Briton’s Face

1st September 2015 / United Kingdom

If ever there was an environment of misinformation and propaganda in Britain – it would be right now. There is a utopian illusion in the UK that neoliberal strategy actually works. It doesn’t.

This utopia has been in the making for decades and is unraveling in front of our eyes. Promises and commitments made by power hungry political failures have proven to be nothing short of a lie.

Blair (Iraq/foreign policy), Brown (saved the world with QE), Cameron (big society), Clegg (education), Osborne (miracle economy), are at the heart of this failed continuum.

This low-compassion era hatched by Thatcher was nothing more than a change from society to individualism – the worst of American characteristics after her exchanges with Reagan.

Their Neoliberal ideology has failed inasmuch that wealth, rather than being distributed more equitably has in fact been channeled northbound directly into the hands of an elite whose fortunes have become almost comical in magnitude.

The aforementioned political failures were nothing more than Public Relations Executives for rapacious corporate gangsters that care little of humanity or the environment, to the detriment of everyone, eventually even themselves.

The poor have simply become so poor that a new class of poverty has been created in the UK, the former deliberately not recorded as if to mask its awful residue.

The “working poor”, a class now identified as those working hard but unfortunate enough not to fit into skilled labour – whose unions and rights have been taken from them and whose weekly wages have all but stagnated but mostly declined over the last decade, have been propelled into chronic poverty and underemployment. These people were lied to by David Cameron as he championed “hard-working people” to get elected, then abandoned them. Only 1 in new 40 jobs created in the UK is now full-time and permanent. We read daily of their struggle to keep their families above the waterline, their unfortunate lives one long, stress-ridden 24/7 emergency.

The disabled, forced to prove an inability to work are dying at the rate of 80 a month straight after being told they are fit to work by a cold and hostile regime.

What type of government condones and facilitates the death of its own most vulnerable citizens? And how does it rationalize this? – It does so by pitting the people of the country in different social groups against each other in a new blame culture that has tragically manifested itself in a voyeuristic pseudo fantasy such as Channel4’s Benefit Street.

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The benefit system, once called ‘social security’, that was meant to protect the most vulnerable people is being reduced from opportunity, respect, and solidarity to destitution, degradation, depression and death.

Middle class Britain is also experiencing a decades long massacre. Entire Cities that once proudly manufactured everything from shoes laces to cruise liners has been ‘offshored’ or outsourced to further increase the profits of our corporate leaders and shareholders who have left behind a wasteland of empty factories. This is a legacy that betrays the north of England, Scotland and Wales in particular.

British Corporations, along with their international partners in crime siphon hundreds of £billions via secretive offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes. And this utopian illusion sanctioned by government allows such thievery in a grotesque climate of revolving doors. If people are dying at the bottom rung of society because the country is cash starved then these corporations are committing human rights crimes against them.

The neoliberal vision, perpetrated by these monsters despite a promise to deliver democracy, has continued to excavate and hollow out democratic principles to further their goals.

This we have seen with the unearthing of illegal mass surveillance – courtesy of the likes of Edward Snowden and other stranded whistleblowers exiled to foreign lands and hunted down like rabies-ridden dogs by western governments shamed by their revelations.

Democracy in Britain is failing at the highest levels. Election manifestos have proven to be nothing more than pamphlets of fiction. This corrosive political system eventually vomits up extremists on the left and the right as seen all over Europe.

The words “Labour”, “Liberal Democrat” and “Conservative” are none of those. They are completely meaningless names to an electorate who continue to shun these deluded self-serving soapbox fanatics.

We have entered a new era of the Haves and Have-Nots. The Haves are political whose purpose is to serve corporate and media interests to the cost of everyone else. The Haves are creating a new world for us all – a totalitarian one. A panoptical prison like world constructed on the basis of fear of authority.

This media induced utopia is a charade that merely hides crime, hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy that is threatened by truth and honesty – hence the dramatic rise of Jeremy Corbyn. 70% of newspapers in the UK are controlled by just three people and 100% of them backed the war in Iraq. This was against a backdrop of the biggest political protests in the history of humanity.

It makes little difference if you believe in Jeremy Corbyn or not, people are bored and depressed at the dismal failure with version 1.0 of democracy and capitalism – they want V.2

People actually want democracy and capitalism, they see the sense in it – just not the version espoused by those that benefit the most by corrupting its very foundations. Even CNN agrees – it must be bad

It’s not Jeremy Corbyn who needs to answer questions about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, the banking crisis, expenses, cash for access/questions/influence/honours, paedophilia, cover-ups, austerity and shameful business relationships such as the sale of weapons to Israel. Every single one of these scandals fills British citizens with disgust and shame, corroding a once proud nation of indomitable stalwarts.

As this utopian lie continues, masquerading as capitalism and democracy, it staggers from one crisis to the next, inducing new rounds of bailouts, austerity and privatization whilst society is being asset-stripped of public goods built up over generations, causing a deepening catastrophe of everyday life for more and more people.

The old order in Britain is dying and it is now clearly visible in the actions of the mandarins. The new order is struggling with its first gasp of breath. Birth has always been a dangerous endeavor, but one that was always worth the fighting for.

Graham Vanbergen – TruePublica

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