Official review: One Third Of Covid Prosecutions Were Unlawful

16th January 2022 / United Kingdom
Official review: One Third Of Covid Prosecutions Were Unlawful

In the wake of the ‘partygate‘ scandal and continuing episodes of wrongdoing that keep emerging, it might not be much of a surprise to know that the Government has completely ignored calls to end miscarriages of justice after an official review found that a third of Covid prosecutions were unlawful.

There’s an irony here and it seems completely lost on those lawmakers telling everyone how to behave whilst not doing so themselves.

Ministers have failed to listen to parliamentary committees who told citizens that fines of up to £10,000 can be challenged without entering court and to review 100,000 penalties that were handed out.

Madeleine Stone, the legal and policy officer at Big Brother Watch, said the pandemic had caused a “wave of injustice”.

“It is unacceptable that unlawful fines and prosecutions have become the norm,” she added.

“The government should urgently address this continuing injustice, stop the use of the secretive single justice procedure for Covid offences and review all lockdown fines.”



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