Poll: Public Believe Johnson is Wrong To Lift Covid Rules

23rd February 2022 / United Kingdom
Poll: Public Believe Johnson is Wrong To Lift Covid Rules

By TruePublica Editor: Boris Johnson is gambling with people’s lives. He is not looking at the science or Covid infection rates but more his own political survival and trying to divert attention away from police investigations, Gray’s report, partygate more widely and holding his breath as another scandal emerges, now appearing on a weekly basis.

Johnson has also miscalculated the crisis in Ukraine. He made speeches about a war in Europe that he didn’t believe himself, under-delivered on sanctions promises, only to find that the crisis is indeed much worse. He was sidelined by Putin unlike France, Germany and the USA, whilst our foreign secretary was mocked by Russia’s.

In the meantime, the general public, who can see right through Johnson’s international failures, can also see through his domestic ones too. Almost half of voters think Covid restrictions being lifted is too early and 63 per cent of voters think it’s the wrong decision to allow people infected with Covid to skip self-isolation. This is not living with Covid, this is living with Boris.

North of the border, Nicola Sturgeon is continuing to keep her rules in place until March 2ist and this offers a possible comparison as the weeks roll by.

Johnson is now well behind in public opinion polls. The one thing that has happened is that the public have made their mind up about Johnson – that he is a liar and in it for himself. Public duty is very low on Johnson’s list of priorities and most people know it.

A year ago, Johnson was riding high and seemingly could get away with anything – a far cry from the blatant survival tactics in use today.





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