Snap Election called in Existential Crisis – There’s No Going Back Now

19th April 2017 / United Kingdom

By Graham VanbergenI predicted at the last budget in March that an election would be called around the time of Article 50. To me it was the writing on the wall. The upcoming snap election called by Theresa May is largely opportunistic. After repeated denials she would not call one before 2020 and with a working majority of just 17, May is facing a real upcoming existential scandal.  A dozen police forces having passed files to the Crown Prosecution Service over allegations that up to 20 Conservative MPs broke local spending limits at the last general election, which could mean the last election result is null and void. Calling an election forced by a scandal of election fraud and rigging would be disastrous.

Theresa May has demonstrated a real self-serving streak here. Far from her acceptance speech in mid July last year where the new PM vowed to look after the interests of the many rather than just ‘the privileged few’ she has intentions of doing exactly the opposite as she ascends to the authoritarian throne based on a lie.

With callous and cut-throat motives, May will kill off Labour whilst they are on their knees for perhaps a generation. At a stroke she will destroy dissent within her own party and rise unchallenged to usher in a new era of single party politics to push her own (historical) agenda of new legislation to further erode civil liberties and human rights and then distribute what is left to the snarling wolves of the corporatocracy, herself covered in designer sheep’s clothing.

With no competition to fight in opposition, Brexit the main distraction for the next five years, Britain will be handed over on a plate to American corporations who already dominate life in Britain with their corrosive ‘individualism’ and extreme neoliberal capitalism that has already damaged our society in so many ways. Not satisfied with having destroyed their own country, Britain will now witness its treacherous leaders collaborate with vulture capitalists, hedge-funds, corporations and so-called ‘entrepreneurs’ in a privatisation fest, the likes never seen before.

In this environment, without the constraints of the EU and with fully neutered unions and laws designed to inhibit peaceful protest, the rich and powerful will ruthlessly exploit the poor like never before –  like lamb’s to the slaughter. The very people who wanted to ‘take back control,’ who defied the will of the political elite at the EU referendum last year will lose control completely and along with it see the dying embers of a labour party who deserted them long ago.

Make no mistake, Britain is not leaving the EU despite that Theresa May promises. Democratic principles means as much to her as fixed term parliaments do, the same one she voted for just 6 years ago.

Britain’s future is literally standing on the precipice of history. No-one is saying they will make Britain great again. What will we see in 5 years time? Trade agreements like TTIP fancifully called something else that will see the last vestiges of British ingenuity disappear, the remainder of industrial heartlands taken over by marauding yank capitalists to off-shore the profits and on-shore the consequences.  Our military capability, already massively weakened will be sliced and diced and handed to the Europeans (Germany) to save us from the non-threat of Russian aggression just as Washington has preordained – with an EU Army yet to fully emerge. Our sovereignty, its survival, that so many wanted to ensure within Brexit will be regarded as little more than a brand and flag of an age long lost like Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason, Harrods and hand-crafted shoes – all now owned by foreigners or a now modern wastelands somewhere up north.

The Tory party and its appalling allies in the mainstream press, will, with a repulsive campaign even worse than the last, aim to destroy (a well intentioned and quite principled) Jeremy Corbyn, who, hopelessly out of his depth, will acquiesce and fade away quietly into the historical dust that the Liberal Democrats managed to achieve in just one parliamentary term.

At that moment, on June 9th Theresa May will stand triumphant on the steps on No10 Downing Street, knowing her political enemies lie dead in the water. Her speech, still laced with the lies and poison of the words she uttered last July:

In David Cameron, I follow in the footsteps of a great modern Prime Minister. David’s true legacy is not about the economy, but about social justice. David Cameron has led a One Nation government, and it is in that spirit that I also plan to lead.”

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David Cameron was subsequently voted the second worst leader of Gt Britain in history – ever.

David Cameron’s remorseless hounding of the poor, destitute and deserving was as shameful a period as any, which the government have finally started to backtracked on – due to citizen disgust and dismay both domestically and internationally.

And yes, what Theresa May meant to say was she wants to lead a “one party government’ and that is the spirit that she plans to lead – in my opinion!


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