The founder of ‘Conservative Home’ says it all

27th May 2020 / United Kingdom
The founder of 'Conservative Home' says it all

By Rob Woodward – TruePublica: Boris Johnson is now fighting the COVID-19 public health crisis, the economic crisis, a public relations crisis and a crisis within his own party. It demonstrates the inadequacy of his leadership and his ability to lead the country in a national emergency. Churchill, he is not.

What Britain needs right now is a government of national unity. What it doesn’t need right now – is Boris Johnson and all the nonsense, the lies, the blame-shifting, back-stabbing and confusion he brings to the table when Britain needs so much more. The world is looking on in aghast.

The founder of Conservative Home and former Times columnist Tim Montgomerie, says it all when even he has abandoned all notion that Boris Johnson is remotely capable of being Britain’s prime minister: “Tonight, I’m really embarrassed to have ever backed Boris Johnson for high office.

Outspoken LBC presenter James O’Brien is right when he talks of Dominic Cummings being Boris Johnson’s most valuable asset Dominic Cummings’ skill set, his peculiar diabolical genius, is an ability to mislead and manipulate. Every incompetent and morally corrupt leader in history has had a propagandist behind them who can make people believe that black is white.” It is, as O’Brien says, the hold that Cummings has over Johnson.

A government with an 80 seat majority, 365 MP’s – 140 of whom are new, you would think unity would be its strong point.

Molly Scott-Cato MEP and economist makes the point that – “Like so many, the press conference made my stomach churn at the PM‘s craven contempt for public sacrifice. This morning I’m reflecting on the way he chose to rush ahead with school opening announcement, using the nation’s children to shield himself and his odious Svengali.”

The point here is that lockdown came too late and when it came it cratered the economy. It showed that Britain’s economy might be efficient, but that it is not resilient and that the people who make important decisions are not capable. And Covid has not gone away no matter how much we wish it to be so. And when it does come back – what then?

Tim Montgomerie, whether you agree with his political sentiments of the past of not, has made a brave statement in saying that Boris Johnson is a fake and is not a fit person for the responsibilities that No 10 Downing Street and the country demands of it. Twenty Tory MP’s agree with him. And as Richard Horton, Executive Editor of The Lancet says – “When you have the Church of England, the police, and the Daily Mail against you, it’s probably time to review your decision.”


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