Theresa May's Novichok Claim's – Refuted By Porton Down

3rd April 2018 / United Kingdom
Theresa May's Novichok Claim's - Refuted By Porton Down

By TruePublica: Having convinced the entire Western international community to rally around an unsubstantiated claim that Russia had attacked Britain with a Novichok nerve agent, Theresa May and her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will never forget those words written by news agencies this day, the 3rd April 2018 – to their monumental embarrassment.
Gary Aitkenhead, chief executive of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down, told Sky News they had not been able to prove the Novichok was made in Russia.
The best that Aitkinhead could muster in defence of this debacle was “We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to the government who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to.
It is not possible to come to any other conclusion from these words that there is no actual proof that Russia was responsible for this event.
Mr Aitkenhead added: “It is our job to provide the scientific evidence of what this particular nerve agent is, we identified that it is from this particular family and that it is a military grade, but it is not our job to say where it was manufactured.
In other words,  Porton Down can conclusively confirm that they have no idea where this nerve agent was manufactured.
Whilst we should all take Mr Aitkenhead’s words as gospel, we do know from sources that senior officials at Porton Down have been placed under considerable pressure to implicate Russia – and he has not acquiesced.
However, he confirmed the substance required “extremely sophisticated methods to create, something only in the capabilities of a state actor“. Once again, Aitkenhead has been careful with his words.
This announcement will even come as a surprise to Craig Murray who has led the charge against Theresa May’s government that the entire Novichok story was never proven in the first place. He wrote hours before the announcement: “The government is putting up the Chief Scientist at Porton Down to give a press interview on Sky News this afternoon on the Skripal affair. If the government were not confident he would implicate the Russian state, they would not be doing this.”
Just two hours ago (15.00 hours) Theresa May had warned that the crisis with Russia “will last for years” – whilst Russia is calling for an extraordinary session in The Hague tomorrow to force Britain to prove that they were responsible for the poisoning of the Russian spy.
A total of 27 countries have expelled over 150 Russian diplomats based on a story with no evidence. Without any doubt the solidarity that was shown to Theresa May will soon lie in tatters if no conclusive evidence id forthcoming.

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