Weekend – Letters to the editor

9th November 2019 / United Kingdom
Weekend - Letters to the editor

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Brexit has given me a completely different view of the BBC. BBC programmes are, in my personal opinion, simply toeing the governments’ line – and no longer worth watching. Question Time is a good example where members of the audience have been found to be right-wing plants and the audiences themselves, supposedly picked from a certain criteria have equally been found biased. Excessive Nigel Farage appearances are evidence.

BBC news programming now resembles something more like a propaganda show from somewhere in the Far-East – so I don’t bother watching it at all. The evidence for that was Peter Oborne’s recent outpouring. And yet, I have a television, meaning I have to pay a licence fee for propaganda. It’s all a bit George Orwell.

I can get all my news from various websites like TruePublica and then make my mind up – not mindlessly glue my face to a state-controlled propaganda machine and accept everything being shoved down my throat.

Someone needs to explain to me why it is that the BBC, who tried with another propaganda campaign, to convince everyone that their vans were driving around the country shopping non-licence payers was a truth – when it was a plain lie. Their lies have extended to more serious matters as well such as the illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria as well.

And while many pensioners are now being told they must pay for the BBC – frankly they are better off not bothering. After all, is the BBC going to start rounding up and criminalising 80-year-old grannies for the telling the BBC to shove off?

Sandra Downton – Shrewsbury


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I have decided after closely following the Brexit debate and what it has done to our country in just three years, that the whole thing is utter nonsense, stuffed full of fiction, injected with falsehoods and fuelled with fantasies from upper-class morons who have no idea how to run a corner shop, let alone the sixth-largest economy in the world.

Is it time to give up on these people and vote with our feet – by not voting at all or finishing off what Mr Fawkes once dreamed of 400 years ago?

Liam Downer – Birmingham



We are being asked in the name of democracy to vote a direction for Britain’s future. For many, the choice this December will be between a government with few if any morals who clearly harbour authoritarian tendencies and an opposition party, driven by the militant left. And even if that was not true, it appears that most people believe that to be the case. If ever there was confirmation that these two parties do not represent the people – it appears that over one-quarter of the electorate will be voting tactically, not that tactical voting will solve the political crisis we find ourselves in, with another quarter unable to vote for what their normal chosen party will do with Brexit.

In reality, this means, that there will be no consensus either way as neither party has made a compelling offer to the public. Is it not time to start considering changing the voting system from FPTP to PR, dissolve the House of Lords for an elected upper house and bring in what the Irish and Scots have successfully done – that is citizens assemblies – for civil society to offer guidance on matters of national importance?

(Ex-Pat) Donald Peterson – Sydney, Australia


Dear Editor

It is now surely obvious that we need to phase out fossil fuels pretty quickly as we only have a decade left or so to at least get close to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions if we are to have any chance of preventing “catastrophic” global warming. Clean energy is the only way to do that.

It is also obvious that we have to start making that national transition to a clean energy economy as recommended. But it doesn’t mean it has to cost us anything. Solar and wind energy, with storage and without subsidies, are now cheaper than any fossil fuel, and their prices drop substantially every year. Scaling them up nationally will make them “essentially free” by 2030. The evidence is there for that.

The last point I would make to the climate science deniers is this. What if we are wrong and the full transition is made. We end up with a cleaner planet and a much better place to live. But more importantly, what if you are wrong?

Marianne Lancaster – Edinburgh 



A bleak warning indeed from 11,000 scientists that the climate crisis will bring “untold suffering”. It is right and prudent for Britain to take action to help reduce global greenhouse gases but what if bigger polluters, like America and China, do little or nothing? It will be an unmitigated disaster with all good things coming to an end.

In this eventuality, we need to have a worse-case scenario survival plan to provide the basics of food, water, shelter, warmth and protection.

This is not alarmist. What is alarming is that many politicians think the UK general election is about Brexit and international trade. Climate breakdown will put an end to all that.

Geoff Naylor, Winchester




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