Will Boris Johnson Now Try Convince Us To Go To War?

28th June 2022 / United Kingdom
Will Boris Johnson Now Try Convince Us To Go To War?

By TruePublica Editor: Why is Boris Johnson the one leader standing head and shoulders above all others when it comes to Ukraine? In his desperate struggle to stay in power at home, will he now try to convince us to go to war with Russia?

In May this year, the veteran philanthropist and former financier George Soros warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens to be the “beginning of the third world war” that could spell the end of civilisation. Like him or not, Soros quite rightly pointed out that autocratic regimes were in the ascendant and the global economy was heading for a depression, especially in the West.

The invasion of Ukraine didn’t come out of the blue. The world has been increasingly engaged in a struggle between two systems of governance that are diametrically opposed to each other: open society and closed society. The invasion may have been the beginning of the third world war and our civilisation may not survive it,” he said.

Last month, a prominent Russian state television presenter has claimed World War III had already begun due to western arms support for Ukraine. The Independent reported that Rossiya 1 presenter Olga Skabeyeva said Russia’s so-called special military operation in Ukraine was over and “a real war has started – World War III”.

This week, speaking on Russian state TV, Andrey Gurulyov, an MP who sits on Moscow’s defence committee said – ‘London will be the first strategic Nato target to be hit by Russian missiles should a third world war erupt.’ 

Yesterday, NATO’s secretary-general, announced that the 30-country alliance’s most significant transformation for a generation – putting 300,000 troops at high readiness in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was top of their agenda. This amounts to “the biggest overhaul of our collective defence and deterrence since the cold war,” Stoltenberg said.

Today, Reuters reports that – “Any encroachment on the Crimea peninsula by a NATO member-state could amount to a declaration of war on Russia which could lead to “World War Three,” Russia’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev, was quoted as saying.

As the weeks go by, the threat of global security falling into a state of battle-readiness increases. It’s not just sabre-rattling. Russia appears to be goading the West into a wider conflict. Putin is desperate – and desperate people do desperate things.

Boris Johnson is also a desperate man. He is losing his power base by the day whilst delusions of staying in power until the 2030s rattle around in his head.

The Times reports today that – privately during the summit in Germany Johnson described the strikes (on a shopping centre) as “stupid”, believing that President Putin’s attempt to threaten the West with a series of attacks had backfired. But the prime minister braced Britain for a long and costly struggle, saying that “the price of freedom is worth paying” as he compared the fight against Russian aggression to that against the Nazis.

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Is Johnson so delusional that he thinks that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is an opportunity to prove his Churchillian credentials as a war-time leader? To him, all else seems to be of no significance. Back home, there is a cost-of-living crisis, a healthcare crisis, a constitutional crisis and an economic crisis – along with the now evidence-based failure of Brexit. There are strikes on the ground and more being threatened every day. A summer and winter of discontent is assured. The energy companies now believe blackouts are coming this winter. His own party are colluding to oust him due to his incompetence. For a prime minister, nothing could be worse. It’s a desperate moment.

And, so Johnson is now goading Putin by openly mocking him. The response has been simple – ‘we certainly won’t start from Warsaw, Paris or Berlin. The first to be hit will be London. It’s crystal clear that the threat to the world comes from the Anglo-Saxons’ – a Russian defence minister stated.

These types of threats have now been responded to already as the new head of the army says he believes British soldiers must be ready to ‘fight and win’, by taking on Russia – likening the situation in Europe to the run up to the Second World War.

In a speech today, General Sir Patrick Sanders, the Chief of the General Staff will say the armed forces must be placed on a war-footing to ensure they can ‘act rapidly’ if the conflict on NATO’s eastern frontier spreads. He previously told men and women only a week ago that under his command that they must be prepared ‘to fight in Europe once again’.

Today, Johnson is expected to announce extra billions for more equipment to fight Russia in Ukraine as he flies to the Nato summit in Madrid, which starts today.

The question has to be asked – is Boris Johnson the Prime Minister that Britain needs at such a crucial moment that could determine the future of everyone and everything. Johnson, unlike any other PM is commonly described as someone unfit for office, is a danger to national security, is incompetent and is creating a moral vacuum. There is much speculation that Johnson is a big drinker with some asking questions about drug-taking. If anything, Johnson, who is quite clearly unstable politically may well be unfit mentally.

Johnson needs to be removed from office because this is not about Brexit or strikes or inflation.





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