Alex Jones InfoWars Conspiracy Nonsense Rockets Up The Charts After Purge

9th August 2018 / United States

TruePublica Editor: As you would quite rightly imagine, TruePublica and its team think that Alex Jones, InfoWars and its other right-wing conspiracy mongering mouthpiece Prison Planet are as obnoxious as they get. This lot believes in a New World Order run by lizards and that Satanists are taking over America. They have promoted the fake news story about Clinton’s Paedophile ring called ‘Pizzagate’ and that the Sandy Hook school shooting is a government cover-up much to the continued distress of their families.

Apparently, according to about a third of American’s believe in conspiracy theories. Alex Jones and his band of merry followers is paranoid America on steroids. Jones has driven himself and his extreme views after two decades of ranting into the mainstream news cycle, reaching 1.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with over 6.7 million people visiting his website and where 2 million tune in weekly to his syndicated radio show.

And, Jones has a massive fan.

As Rolling Stone reported in early 2017:  “there’s one particularly troubling person who seems to be buying his theories. On December 2nd, 2015, President Donald Trump appeared on Jones’ show, praising the conspiracy-minded host. “Your reputation is amazing,” he said from his desk in Trump Tower. “I will not let you down.” And so far, he hasn’t. After the election in November, Trump called Jones to thank him for his service.”

WTF – I hear you mutter. The American president believes that lizards are taking over the world! Maybe he’s right. SSSSSSteve Bannon could one of them.


Tues 7th Aug – Screenshot by CNBC

However, the immediate celebration on the left flank of the political spectrum should beware of this radical move by corporations. The quick-fire purge of Alex Jones and InfoWars from not just social media but the very biggest information platforms has been disturbing — not because Jones’ views deserve to be defended, they don’t, but because his banning is a very serious warning shot against any type of dissent. Who is drawing the red line in the sand here? And what right do they have to draw it?

And, as soon as these search engines and social media platforms become censorship engines and modern-day book-burners and crow about (as they have with Jones) it as if crucifying the AntiChrist look what happens. The InfoWars App overtakes not just CNN and Fox News but pushed Google News below it into 5th spot as well.


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From CNBC – Apple was the first major tech company to make a move against Alex Jones of Infowars on Sunday night by removing his podcast from iTunes.

But the Infowars iPhone app, which hosts some of the same content and themes found on the podcast, still lives on in the company’s App Store. In fact, the app had skyrocketed from below the top 10 to become the fourth most popular app in the news category — beating out the CNN and Fox News apps — by Tuesday morning. The boost was likely caused by increased downloads given the news Monday that Infowars was banned from several tech platforms.

When Apple removed the podcast Sunday, it issued a statement that said, “Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all of our users.”

The Hashtag for infowars was trending at about 7,200 retweets in a 10 hour cycle, so was #alexjones at 6,300, along with #freeinfowars at 2,500 and others – all massively promoting InfoWars the same as lawbreaker Tommy Robinson, who gained huge support as a result of the British press. Finally Apple removes the App.

Platforms then lined up. Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and other internet companies followed Apple’s lead Monday by removing Jones and Infowars pages, content and videos from their respective platforms. Each company in harmony then cited violations of their respective hate speech policies and other community guidelines. Twitter was the only major social network that did not ban Infowars accounts.


If as an individual you can’t decipher that Alex Jones, who also once claimed the US government was putting chemicals in the water “that turns the f*****g frogs gay” is as neurotic and irrational as he is absurd, then there’s no hope for you in the first place. For the rest of us – free speech matters as a principle to a healthy democracy and for that, we have to put up with the likes of Alex Jones and his rather unbalanced disciples.






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