The Urgency of Opposing a Hillary Clinton Presidency

10th February 2016 / United States

Among an array of deplorable aspirants, Hillary Clinton stands out as the most dangerous and loathsome, an anti-populist Wall Street tool, a war profiteer’s dream, shamelessly indifferent to human suffering, a ruthless rogue actor, a menace threatening world peace.

Ignore her gender and calls for finally electing a woman US president. Look at the enormous harm the first Black one caused at home and abroad, Muslims and people of color most affected.

Obama achieved the impossible – exceeding the worst of George Bush, waging endless wars, bombing seven countries in seven years, ignoring popular needs, force-feeding austerity irresponsibly, orchestrating the greatest wealth transfer to privileged interests in US history, enforcing police state harshness on nonbelievers.

If elected president, expect Clinton’s agenda to continue Obama’s on steroids. Her deplorable record in public office as a US senator and secretary of state reveals her dark side, pure evil by any standard.

She’s a longtime Wall Street favorite. Major banks are her largest campaign contributors, getting far more back in return, ripping off investors, rigging markets with virtually no oversight.

Under Clinton, they’ll continue making money the old-fashioned way, stealing it – grand theft at the public’s expense while popular needs increasingly go begging, social justice on the chopping block for elimination.

Her public office record is shameless, notoriously deploring peace and stability, hellbent for endless imperial wars – from urging husband Bill to bomb Belgrade in 1999 to supporting naked aggression on Afghanistan in 2001, the 2003 Iraq war, along with orchestrating Obama’s wars on Libya and Syria as secretary of state.

She’s militantly anti-Russia and anti-China, supports transforming all sovereign independent nations into US-controlled vassal states – premeditated naked aggression her strategy of choice.

Post-9/11, she notoriously said she’d “stand behind Bush for a long time to come.” Her record in public office proved it.

She supported all US imperial wars, naked aggression against nonthreatening countries, urges annual increases in military spending at a time America’s only enemies are ones it invents.

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She calls nuclear weapons “peacekeepers,” endorses their use, earlier saying “I don’t believe any that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons.”

She backs Israel’s worst crimes, ignores longstanding Palestinian suffering, supports US-installed Kiev putschists against Donbass freedom fighters rejecting fascist rule. She once threatened to bomb Iran as president. If elected in November, will WW III follow?

Her duplicitous rhetoric swings with the political climate, her pure evil agenda unchanged since serving as first lady in the 1990s, partnering with husband Bill’s high crimes, a family enterprise opposed to peace, equity and justice, serving privileged interests exclusively.

Electing her president for the next four to eight years risks devastating consequences. Will catastrophic global war follow?

Will weapons of mass destruction be used, infinitely more powerful than earlier ones? Will humanity perish? Will America’s rage to own planet earth destroy it?

Its criminal class is bipartisan. All mainstream presidential aspirants march to the same drummer, representing wealth, power and privilege exclusively, a rogue’s gallery of self-serving scoundrels – Clinton the most dangerous and ruthless of the bunch.

Don’t let her gender fool you. Kinder, gentler isn’t her nature. She’s as mean-spirited as a sadistic street thug.

Last October, Vanity Fair discussed what it called her praetorian guard – a notorious array of lawyers, aides, advisers confidants, and hangers-on.

They erected a “tight-lipped human wall,” protecting her, staying “mute and loyal,” suppressing her ruthless dark side.

Her campaign is opaque, secretive and devious, her “way of doing business…so entrenched (it’s) hard…imagin(ing) she could ever behave differently,” said Vanity Fair.

Obama promised the most open and transparent presidency in US history, his deplorable record polar opposite, Clinton as secretary of state part of it.

She’s so controlled and unscrupulous, she earlier protested on national television, saying “I am a real person.”

Vanity Fair said Clinton’s praetorian guard has been around “for a quarter-century,” some names and faces changing. Some now “in place…have built walls of their own and can be as hard to reach as Clinton herself.”

People around her knowing everything say nothing. “There has never been such a well-defended” presidential candidate in US history, Vanity Fair explained.

“Being in her inner circle is as much about keeping people out as anything else.” During husband Bill’s 1992 presidential campaign, critics called her a “modern-day Lady Macbeth.”

From then to now, access to her remained tightly controlled, most often denied. Her aloofness is notorious.

“The e-mail scandal is the perfect distillation of how Hillary’s wall of protection makes matters worse,” said Vanity Fair.

“Her exclusive use of the Clintons’ personal e-mail server while secretary of state appears born out of a defensive instinct for secrecy.”

“The eye-rolling dismissiveness with which Clinton herself initially greeted the revelation, and the stonewalling nature of the response by her surrogates, have only fed the scandal more oxygen.”

Throughout her professional life, she’s always been “a lightening rod. From the moment she entered public life, (she’s had) people (around her) selling her (nonexistent) softer side,” fantasy orchestrated as reality.

It’s hard imagining a worse choice for president, a more dangerous and deplorable one, a disaster waiting to happen.

America will be more unfit and unsafe to live in than already, full-blown tyranny likely instituted, possible catastrophic WW III on a Hillary Clinton watch.

Why defeating her leadership ambitions is urgent. World peace hangs in the balance.

By Stephen Lendman. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Visit his blog site at

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