94 per cent of parliamentarians haven’t bothered to look at Brexit Impact Report

31st August 2018 / United Kingdom
94 per cent of parliamentarians haven't bothered to look at Brexit Impact Report

By TruePublica: The information people were given to make an informed choice about leaving the EU was largely disinformation or propaganda or to put it another way, it was fictitious nonsense. Stupid claims were made that simply have not stood up to any scrutiny at all.

However, there were many good reasons for voting either way, it’s just that hard facts were not part of the gameplay. That meant, for most of the voting population, going on what was believed to be true and having a few heated discussions, made what was for many a very difficult decision.

Just one week before the 2016 referendum, about one-third of the entire adult population with an intent to vote had not made up their minds. It is important to understand that these people were swayed not by factual evidence but by what they read, saw and heard and we now know much of that was nonsense. That said, the decision about Brexit was made.


It is also important to understand that those preaching to the population about the debate one way or the other have no idea themselves of what Brexit will bring.

The British government has a duty to be responsible but with Brexit – they just haven’t been. For instance, the impact of Brexit upon the nation should be independently investigated, researched and released so we all understand the nature – good or bad – of what might happen in order that we can prepare for it. This was done, then not released, then released under pressure, but not to the public. Then it was leaked, but only partially. Like the rest of Brexit – it was an absurdity more akin to a political comedy than reality.

However, we finally get the ‘Brexit Papers’ and are shocked at some of the findings. This led in some part, to the government then deciding to let the public know, with less than a few weeks to the end of negotiations with the EU, about some of the strategies it might adopt in the case of a no-Brexit deal in little more than six months time.


That would all be good but as it turns out less than 6% of MPs and peers have asked to see the Brexit impact papers, which were released under tight security after a House of Commons battle with Brexit secretary David Davis before he walked out of his job. So, up until last month, our masters and leaders couldn’t be bothered to find out about the impact of the biggest post-war decision Britain has faced.


Last month, the Department for Exiting the European Union revealed that only 83 parliamentarians had visited the restricted access reading room where they were placed last December.

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It made the disclosure after a freedom of information request. Out of 1,450 parliamentarians in both the upper and lower house, just 83 have visited the files.

Think about that for a moment. The people running the country haven’t a clue what is coming towards us in just six months time because they couldn’t be bothered to find out. This is called ‘taking back control’ – apparently.



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