An email for the Tory party chairman from a disabled (W)RAF) veteran on conference day

30th September 2019 / United Kingdom
An email for the Tory party chairman from a disabled (W)RAF) veteran on conference day

The Conservative Party conference is on in Manchester where yesterday Boris Johnson claimed to be ‘the model of restraint’ amid a row over his inflammatory language and Matt Hancock stood to be corrected on the number of hospital upgrades from a claimed 40 to six. The main speeches to come today are from the education secretary, Gavin Williamson, and chancellor of the exchequer, Sajid Javid. In the meantime, the party Chairman James Cleverly receives an email that spells out some home-truths about their destructive policies. With permission, we are able to share this with you.

Mo Stewart is a female disabled (W)RAF) veteran and, since 2009, has researched the influence of corporate America with future UK welfare reforms. Mo is the lead independent researcher in the UK who exposed the long-standing plan to demolish the UK welfare state, to be eventually replaced with private healthcare insurance. One of her most illuminating and damning articles was published here at TruePublica – Killed by the State. This is the text of Mo’s email sent this morning:


Hello Mr Cleverly

Further to your opening comments to Conference today, some of your colleagues who follow my research have asked that I share published research with you, as now attached, which I trust may be helpful. Therefore, given this contact is via a request from Conservative MPs, I can make no apology for the length of this email, or the content of it.

Some of your Ministerial colleagues are copied into this email as a courtesy, as I believe they would benefit from published research evidence that may have escaped their attention.

As an introduction, please be advised that I am a medically retired healthcare professional, originally trained in the NHS. I am also a disabled veteran of the (W)RAF medical branch and, over the past ten years, an independent disability studies researcher.  My book ‘Cash Not Care: the planned demolition of the UK welfare state’ was published in September 2016 following several years of study, and it is now recommended reading for social policy university courses.

As a disabled veteran of the (W)RAF medical branch, and the lead independent disability studies researcher regarding the American corporate influence and the often fatal human consequences of the ongoing welfare reforms, and the additional austerity measures, I believe the content of the attached published papers may be helpful to you and perhaps could be shared with other colleagues in the party. All MPs should surely be alerted as to the human consequences of government policies.

I welcome your stated support for British military forces, as unexpectedly mentioned in your opening statements to Conference.

However, I would humbly remind you that 80,000 disabled working-age War Pensioners, who were permanently disabled in the military service of this nation, were required to be assessed for PIP as the financial security of their DLA award, previously provided ‘for life’ to acknowledge their ‘sacrifice’, was removed. ?? Why.

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Older retired War Pensioners were permitted to retain the promised DLA for life. However, these 80,000 working-age disabled War Pensioners are wondering why they were singled out to lose their DLA, lose their quality of life and to risk losing their Motability car if a PIP assessment was unsuccessful which, for many, has meant losing their jobs too as they are unable to access public transport. Why would the government break a promise to 80,000 disabled veterans who were disabled in the military service of this nation?? It’s shameful.

And when will Ministers begin to comprehend the unnecessary distress created by these WCA ‘assessments’ when using a fatally flawed assessment model that has failed all academic scrutiny, especially since the former DWP CMO, Professor Sir Mansel Aylward, confirmed as along ago as 2012 that he no longer believed that the BPS model of assessment  – used to assess claimants for PIP, ESA and War Pensions – was satisfactory to assess disabled people. So, why is this flawed assessment model still used? Re:

Whilst any possible political support to help chronically ill and disabled people is in theory very welcome it should not introduce, encourage or emphasise preventable harm which has been adopted by successive administrations, as the often disturbing human consequences of a flawed assessment model is permanently disregarded by the DWP as preventable harm sees some of those in greatest need now starving to death in the UK. It’s time to stop these atrocities Mr Cleverly.

Please be further advised that I am not a member of any political party and my concerns and published research are on behalf of the chronically ill and disabled community, with many who now live in fear of the DWP as suicides linked to welfare reforms, and claims for disability benefits, continue to rise.

I trust the attached published research may be of interest and concern. If not, I respectfully suggest that it most certainly should be.

I once served this nation in military uniform, and now I have never been more ashamed of this country who are terrorising people who are too ill to work.



Mo Stewart



Preventable Harm: Creating a Mental Health Crisis

Journal of Public Mental Health pre-published text: accepted for November 2019 issue of Journal

State Crime by Proxy: Corporate influence on state-sanctioned social harm

Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychology. December 2018



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