Brexit: May Humiliated Again – Guess What’s Next?

13th March 2019 / United Kingdom
Brexit: May Humiliated Again - Guess What's Next?

TruePublica Editor: It’s embarrassing to witness this spectacle of self-harm. Slowly, Theresa May is bleeding to death and it’s a pitiful sight. Just about every two weeks, she goes ahead and slashes her wrists again – in plain sight. Her really big problem is a refusal to listen to anyone at all.

Mrs May does have some firsts she can personally be proud of though and the history books will record them for time immemorial.


She achieved the biggest political defeat since parliament was ever created – check.

Her government were the first ever to be in contempt of parliament – check.

Unnecessarily triggering Article 50 leading to no plan for UK plc – check

Wasting time with a snap election she lost, which only made matters worse – check

Clinging on to power by buying off a gang of thugs the DUP – check.

Not resigning with good reason on multiple occasions – check

Attempting unadulterated bribery of MPs to get her deal through – check

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Being Britain’s most authoritarian PM with serious hearing loss – check


I’m sorry if all that sounds a bit rude – but Mrs May seems to have forgotten there are 66,959,016 other people who live in Britain. She seems to have forgotten about everyone and everything except her deal. No-one supports this deal – its awful for both Remainers and Leavers.

This time around her defeat was a slight improvement on the worst in history – and that’s it. That’s where we are after nearly 1,000 days of complete failure at every turn. As at today, there are just 16 days to go – and Mrs May will continue down her suicidal route until she expires through lack of bodily fluid.


What now?

Mrs May will continue with – it’s her way or no way. That’s all that’s ever been offered before.

The EU has been emphatic on what’s next. If this deal – May’s final deal was voted down, which it was, they will go full steam ahead with no-deal preparations. Negotiations are over.

Next up is to ask MPs whether they want to approve the UK leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement, known as a no-deal Brexit. May is offering a free vote – so that will end with MPs rejecting a no-deal Brexit. This is a tactic merely to keep her clinging on for a few more days.

Then, the prime minister will ask MPs whether they want her to seek a “short” and “limited” extension to the Article 50 negotiating period. Some even believe that May will likely attempt to make it as short as is humanly possible – lasting only until May 23rd.

The tactic here is that if the UK does not take part in the European elections, by virtue of EU legislation – it will be unable to extend Article 50 any further than that. What this does is put one bullet in a two-chamber gun. She will then force MPs to pull the trigger. Vote for her deal, an awful deal or no-deal, which is worse.

If this is her chosen route, literally anything could happen, from political implosion to insurrection on the streets.

MPs could go ahead and take part in the EU elections, which would allow them to force an extension for another three months. Somehow, I doubt they will.

Other options on the table are that May could resign or call a general election – either way, that does not solve Britain’s impending exit from the EU. May could attempt further concessions from the EU – but they have already said no.

Finally, there’s the option of calling another referendum – and that would be an even worse spectacle than the last one.

It’s a tragic mess of epic, mindless proportions created from the stupidity and lack of leadership of the Conservative party.







She’d been stripped of everything. After flying off at the last minute to meet EU leaders last night, she returned with an updated deal, essentially consisting of firmed-up language around the same basic legal proposition. To get it over the line, she needed three leading Brexit camps to announce their support: the Brexit-supporting attorney general, the eurosceptic lawyers in their pompously-entitled ‘Star Chamber’, and the Northern Irish hardline religious right-wingers in the DUP.

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