Brexit – The Evidence That We’ve All Been Conned Keeps Piling Up

26th June 2018 / United Kingdom
Brexit: The Evidence That We've All Been Conned Keeps Piling Up

By Graham Vanbergen: Ever since Britain’s EU referendum, I have continually taken the view that the margin required to swing the vote was manipulated and was done so by those with the money, means and motivation to profit from the ensuing chaos Brexit would cause. Throughout, I have continually stated that America, supported by a powerful right-wing element on both sides of the pond, now threatens the most basic principles of our democracy as it wants to cash in on its invested millions. Yet more evidence has turned up to vindicate that position.


Last year I wrote an article entitled – “The Highjacking of Britain’s EU Referendum“. In it, I wrote “We have witnessed in full view how a shadowy global operation involving dark money, big data and American billionaires influenced the result of the EU referendum. If anyone still thinks that the EU referendum resulting in Brexit was democracy in action – then it’s time to wake up to reality.

I also wrote the article: “How Brexit Was Engineered By Foreign Billionaires To Bring About Economic Chaos – For Profit.” and quoted from the excellent Guardian article by Carole Cadwaddre’s entitled “The Great British Brexit Robbery: How Our Democracy Was Highjacked.” 
Throughout I was 100 per cent convinced “how technology and data was illegally used in Britain’s EU referendum voting process.” I highlighted very early on that “Cambridge Analytica, confirmed that they were using psychological operations – the same methods the military use to effect mass sentiment change.”

I went one step further and implicated the likes of Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, Facebook, Google, MI5 and other vested interests such as hedge funds and banks that litter this story as principal actors in what will eventually become known about Brexit – the biggest political heist in history. The EU referendum was a set-up from the very start and hundreds of millions had been invested in it for years.


Today, from Bloomberg news comes another bombshell. Confirmation yet again, as if further was needed that Brexit was indeed brought about by billionaires to profit from the chaos.

In their article entitled: “The Brexit Short: How Hedge Funds Used Private Polls to Make Millions” – a clear demonstration is given of this inconvenient truth.


“Behind the scenes, a small group of people had a secret—and billions of dollars were at stake. Hedge funds aiming to win big from trades that day had hired YouGov and at least five other polling companies, including Farage’s favourite pollster. Their services, on the day and in the days leading up to the vote, varied, but pollsters sold hedge funds critical, advance information, including data that would have been illegal for them to give the public.


The report goes on to say that these hedge funds were in the perfect position to earn fortunes by short selling the British pound. What the article does not say, is how these hedge funds along with their billionaire friends were the architects of Brexit in the first place. They bet billions of dollars – not millions, on what was a sure bet. Not one single member of the general public knew the actual outcome of that referendum until several hours after voting had officially closed, when others had invested hard into just one position.

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U.K. law restricts polling companies from releasing exit-poll data before voting ends. But they did and had been doing so for some time.

And here’s the rub. Bloomberg investigated this illegal hedge fund short-selling of the pound for over six months. And guess what they found.


“One person with questions still to answer is Farage, a former commodities broker who also went to work for a London currency trading company after he moved into politics. He twice told the world on election night that Leave had likely lost, when he had information suggesting his side had actually won. He also has changed his story about who told him what regarding that very valuable piece of information.”


As for the pollsters, they said Brexit yielded one of the most profitable single days in the history of their industry. How nice. As they’ve clearly broken the law why aren’t they being arrested? And as the hedge fund managers also broke the law – where are the boys in blue?

The Bloomberg article goes on to confirm that individual hedge funds that hired the pollsters cleared hundreds of millions of dollars. And, if you thought this might be the actions of a couple of crooks in the City, don’t be fooled. Bloomberg confirms: “at least a dozen were involved, and potentially many more.”

Farage himself was “feeding specious sentiment into markets” – clearly to profit from what the vast majority of the public, commentators and experts were convinced was going to be a Remain result.

The relationships between polling firms and hedge funds in the lead-up to the vote, and on the day, created what Bloomberg refers to as an “inherent conflict of interest.” With one hand, pollsters fed the public information that affected the outcome and moved the markets. With the other, they sold data privately to clients betting on market moves created by their public-facing polls. Let’s not forget what that means.

I would encourage you to read their report of egregious profiteering, and the illegal insider trading of information that has cost our nation not just a fortune but its future prospects in a fast-changing world.


And then, there’s some more confirmation of what I have been saying for so long.

Today’s headline article in the Guardian – “UK democracy under threat and reform is urgent, says electoral regulator” takes us all another step towards understanding that Britain has been highjacked by rampant profiteering criminals.


The Electoral Commission has called for urgent reforms to electoral law after a series of online political campaign scandals, acknowledging concerns that British democracy may be under threat. The elections regulator has asked Westminster and the devolved governments to change the law in order to combat misinformation, misuse of personal data and overseas interference in elections.”


Their article goes on to quote the commission who said: “This means that people who are not allowed to register as campaigners can still spend money to influence voters in the UK, this could be from foreign nation states or from private organisations and individuals.

The electoral commission has literally gone as far as to confirm that British democracy is under threat from overseas interference and admitted that it was itself negligent when the evidence was piling up all around their front door. In the meantime, the general public has been fed farcical distractive stories about double agents, nerve agents and Russian agents – when the agents of the biggest crime come from the City of London and America.


We know that the Brexit campaign broke the spending rules regulations from this leaked document from the Commission. Leave.EU was fined for doing the same. Arron Banks was found to have donated £12million to the campaign. The Tories illegal overspending on the campaign is included in another investigation.

And let’s not forget who else is involved in the EU referendum scandal. The multi-billionaire owner of Facebook, deeply embedded with now-bankrupt Cambridge Analytica was using known military strategies on a civilian population.

Three other affiliated Leave campaigns: BeLeave, Veterans for Britain and the Democratic Unionist party (DUP) were caught spending a further £757,750. “Coordination” between campaigns is prohibited under UK electoral law, unless campaign expenditure is declared, jointly. It wasn’t”.

Then there are other actors such as Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, AggregateIQ, and PayPal owner Peter Theil.


David Miller, a professor of sociology at Bath University and an authority in psyops and propaganda, says it is “an extraordinary scandal that this (Cambridge Analytica/Facebook campaign) should be anywhere near a democracy. It should be clear to voters where information is coming from, and if it’s not transparent or open where it’s coming from, it raises the question of whether we are actually living in a democracy or not.”


In another one of our reports we wrote: “back In February 2016, The Independent newspaper published an article about the role of think tanks and Brexit entitled: “EU referendum: Think-tanks conducting ‘independent’ research to support Brexit have close links to Vote Leave. Their conclusions revealed that there was a network of right-wing organisations whose staff, board members and even offices were linked to one of the main Leave campaigns, in fact, Vote Leave.

One of those Think Tanks is the Legatum Institute. Set up in 2006 by another foreign multi-billionaire, Christopher Chandler who only became a billionaire by investing in countries politically destabilised. Legatum has Anne Applebaum, Giles Dilnot, Alexandra Mousavizadeh, former newspaper columnist Christina Odone and Shanker Singham (with unprecedented access to senior cabinet ministers) , the latter acting as chairman of the Institute’s Special Trade Commission, fronting most of the Brexit propaganda.

Currently top of the Legatum hierarchy is Philippa Stroud, CEO of the Institute. Previously. She used to be Chief Executive of the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a right-wing think tank that she co-founded with Iain Duncan Smith in 2004 – himself involved with American healthcare companies currently writing extreme right-wing policy over disability claimants in the UK. Tony Baxendale is also co-founder, with Steve Baker, of the Cobden Centre, a free market libertarian think tank that heavily influenced Margaret Thatcher. There are links from the Cobden Centre to the Cato Institute – an American right-wing think funded by the billionaire Koch brothers. The brothers allegedly spent nearly $900 million dollars trying to influence the outcome of the last presidential race that saw Donald Trump move into the Whitehouse. The links between Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon cannot be denied with statements from Farage lauding that Bannon was “the greatest political thinker in the western hemisphere.”

The links with the Cobden Centre bring us to Matthew Elliott, who just happens to be a senior fellow of the Legatum Institute and you thought he was chief executive of the Leave Campaign! It’s positively incestuous don’t you think?


And yet, there is another dark side to Brexit you are not aware of. Other vested interests highlight just how far some organisations are prepared to go to make a profit no matter what chaos is caused. I received this from a journalist yesterday which reads:

about a transatlantic network of lobbyists pushing against action on climate change and (latterly) for Brexit? They’re all based out of one building around the corner from the Palace of Westminster. The network is funded by shadowy elites in the UK and US and lobbies for rampant market deregulation while pushing the myth that climate change is a hoax. More recently, these groups have lobbied for a Hard Brexit, hoping the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will lead to a weakening of those pesky environmental regulations they so hate. The groups are also behind the Tory-DUP pact, currently keeping Theresa May in her job while allowing hard-line Northern Irish social conservatives to dictate significant parts of the UK’s political agenda.”


It’s sickening reading all this. The list of millionaires, billionaires, corporations, think tanks, campaigns and other organisations that have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into seeing Brexit become a reality is almost never-ending. As I said at the beginning of this article and many others, if you still think that the EU referendum resulting in Brexit was democracy in action – then it’s time to wake up to reality. It wasn’t – the general public has been conned by those that have the money, means and motivation.



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