Brexit: The message is now loud and clear

15th March 2019 / United Kingdom
Brexit: The message is now loud and clear

TruePublica Editor: For all the Leave voters, who, for many good and just reasons, thought that Britain would be better outside the European Union, a reality has finally landed – in plain sight and it is indisputable.

Britain, through its democratic system, archaic as it is, fully accepted that under its own terms cannot leave the Union on the self-imposed date of March 29th.

It is now true to say that only the EU27 can decide if Britain can extend article 50 and by how much.

Last October, I wrote an article for the European Financial Review and set out the reasons for the demise of global Britain. That prediction has come true. It is a fact, that Britain, as a country is no longer in charge of its destiny. Far from taking back control as many said would happen – others are now in control of it.

What I said was, that Britain would no longer be classed as one of the most influential countries in the world because it would descend into political and constitutional chaos – and it has.

Article 50 and the time extension has to be agreed by the EU27 – and some of the actors in that group have their own political agendas to deny it. The EU27 may, or may not agree and even if they do – it will be on their terms – not Britain’s.

Leaving the blame about Theresa May’s pitiful leadership, the ultra Brexiteers constant whining and all the excuses aside for one moment, we are where we are.

And this is where we are. The Conservatives, led by Theresa May have attempted twice to get a deal through using the most damaging strategies to Britain’s democracy and failed. Motions have been used like a political tug-of-war, the party has all but imploded, our Prime Minister is hanging on by a single claw – only for the truth to confront us – we have failed to leave the EU because no-one can agree what leaving means.

That’s it.

May will embarrass the nation once again next week and next week, unless a great divine intervention takes place, we will be no further on. Britain will then forced, again embarrassingly, to participate in the European elections.

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No-one, no political party, nothing at all has been good about Brexit. Both Tory and Labour have been badly beaten one way or another.


On the 29th March, Britain arrives at the most important date in its post-war history and it is up to 27 other leaders in Europe to decide what happens – how in all of heaven and earth is that taking back control? 


Lastly, one of my pet hates in all of the world is not STI’s, Big Brother or even the Daily Mail – it’s Liam Fox and his big announcement of signing up the latest trade deal, which says it all. Yes, Britain has just bagged Fiji and Papua New Guinea to add to its haul of the absolute minor league trade deals in history. Well done him!

Liam Fox ranks in this entire charade alongside serial political failure Chris Grayling. His musings about Britain signing up trade deals as being the easiest thing on earth demonstrates not just how out of touch with reality he really is but just how dangerous people like him actually are. Two weeks to go and he has to replace over 90 per cent of what has been lost in a single trade deal with the EU. His last three trade deals don’t even add up to the losses that the financial services sector have announced they have transferred out of Britain already.

However, our final humiliation is yet to come. To those with their heads out of the sand – embarrassment simply won’t describe what’s next.



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