Brexit : Tories unleash military leaders, Russian invasion, ISIS, threats from US and NATO in fear campaign

23rd February 2016 / United Kingdom

Originally, Britain signed up to the European Economic Community or EEC via a referendum in 1975 for the purposes of enhancing trade, it was in essence a trade deal, or at least that was how it was sold to the British people. What the unsuspecting people of Britain were not aware of was that in reality the origins of the EU was devised by the USA back in the 1950’s that saw the continent more as an opportunity of a puppet run super-state filled with attendant yes-men for trade and the manipulation of strategic global markets and, just as importantly a defensive buffer zone against it’s new foe – the Reds from Russia. Think TTIP, Ukraine and an ever expanding NATO alliance.

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In recent years, the grandiose rhetoric of David Cameron’s speeches, acting more as a public relations ambassador to corporations than for his own citizens has dwindled in the face of more important issues to the people, namely immigration and a refugee crisis. And for all of Cameron’s bragging of a new deal the EU is not about to change universal treaties to accommodate Britain in some sort of two tier system. The EU’s imperial heart is not planted in democracy and it never will be.

Anything Cameron has negotiated are nothing but mere words, to be over-ridden at will by an authoritarian judiciary in Brussels at a later date when convenient.

Like the Scottish referendum, Cameron is resorting to a fear campaign out of desperation. It will include politicians, corporations, business leaders, celebrities and even the new menace threatening our democracy – the military.

Cameron’s team has already planned and is now executing a campaign of fear far greater than the Scottish referendum but will ensure it won’t emanate from No10 to ensure his image is not tarnished as the noble champion of Britain.

America is worried that its 1950’s plan for a united Europe to economically conquer will fall apart and they have every intention of influencing British voters to do the right thing – in America’s interests. Many stories will emanate from the international bully boy. The Obama administration has already weighed in. It has threatened to exclude Britain from trade deals and influential global decisions.

So worried is America that the Obama administration is threatening the UK by dissolving its so-called “special relationship” with Britain.

Damon Wilson, former European affairs director at the national security council under George Bush told senators last month in a meeting: “The United Kingdom may turn its back on the European Union this year, depriving us (the United States) of a critical voice in shaping not only EU policy, but the future of Europe. Such a decision by London may prompt Scotland to dissolve the United Kingdom, ending the special relationship as we know it. These moves could fuel separatist efforts in Catalonia and Wallonia, while opening the prospect of other states leaving the union.”

The fear campaign asserts that staying is safer than leaving as the propaganda machine gets into high gear.

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BBCBrexit will make it ‘harder’ for UK to fight terrorism. Fighting crime and terrorism in the UK would be more costly and “much less effective” if the country leaves the European Union, the director of the EU’s police agency Europol has told BBC.

But the fear campaign has gone dark as The Telegraph reports British Military leaders to warn against a Brexit.

In a dangerous escalation in the demise of democracy in Britain, Downing Street is organising a letter from military leaders warning voters not to leave the EU at a time of Russian aggression and rising Islamic extremism.

The Telegraph report continues – “More than a dozen of the country’s most senior military leaders will argue that Britain should vote to stay in the European Union because of its importance to national security. The letter is likely to be published this week and comes as both David Cameron and Michael Fallon put Britain’s national security at the heart of their arguments for remaining in the European UnionHowever it is likely to lead to accusations from eurosceptic campaigners that the Prime Minister is resorting to “Project Fear” to make the case for staying in the European Union.”

Under Cameron’s government the military is taking an increasingly politicised role by threatening the public. When Jeremy Corbyn arrived as leader of the Labour party one general quite firmly stated – “The Army just wouldn’t stand for it.” 

Generals would not ‘allow a prime minister (assuming Corbyn was elected) to jeopardise the security of the UKThere would be mass resignations at all levels and you would face the very real prospect of an event which would effectively be a mutiny.” A single maverick ageing retired rogue? No, not one single general or politician asked for the identity of this unnamed general to be made public as his threat was actually an act inciting treason.

Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary said in an extraordinary interview that ““It is not scaremongering to ask which result Putin would favour. If we left, the European Union for the first time in its history would be smaller and weaker. That’s obviously in Russia’s interests. The challenges of Russian aggression and international terrorism are global and transnational and Britain “cannot afford” to be alone” he warns.

The Prime Minister and George Osborne have already warned British voters not to take a “leap in the dark” by voting to leave the EU, highlighting the national and economic security cases for staying.

Not much has been said about NATO …yet. If Britain exits the EU it will become an independent nation, it will need an independent foreign and security policy. This is not to America’s liking.

As Antiwar notes – “NATO is not about helping keep our allies safe and strong. International relations scholar Christopher Layne, in his book The Peace of Illusions, describes NATO as “the instrument through which Washington exercises its continental preeminence.” It is essential to U.S. grand strategy, he writes, to “prevent” member countries “from following an independent foreign or security policy.” If countries do attempt to demonstrate independence, Washington views it as “a direct assault on U.S. hegemony.”

As the Spectator opines with the launch of Cameron’s Project Fear “Security is the new Tory buzzword. The s-word was even invoked in the Prime Minister’s speech on poverty and family values: there is barely a Tory proposal that isn’t sold as a way to make us safer. Why? Because the Tory high command remain captivated by Lynton Crosby’s insight that security is what voters crave most.”

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