Corruption: The Real Truth About Britain Is Finally Emerging

15th March 2022 / United Kingdom
Corruption: The Real Truth About Britain Is Finally Emerging

By TruePublica Editor: Evgeny Lebedev, Roman Abramovich, Oleg Deripaska. These are just a few of the names we now all associate with a growing corruption scandal in Britain. Chelsea Football Club (founded 1905) is an institution with deep ties to the Kremlin. The Daily Telegraph (founded 1855) sees itself being devoured by its own duplicity having accepted millions to disseminate state propaganda on behalf of Russia. Another Russian asset, as we are learning is Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister. He is so deeply embroiled in accusations of Russian dark money donations for political influence, it’s hard to see how any politician, let alone a PM could survive. But survive, he no doubt will.

Johnson has committed just about every act of egregious misconduct in office that is possible for a serving minister. The corruption list is growing. In just two years, we’ve had the Downing Street refurbishment, partygate, dodgy dark-money donors, Russian agents embedded within the establishment, cash-for-access, for influence, for honours, for peerages, for Covid contracts and all manner of breaches of the ministerial code and of course, a liberal sprinkling of law-breaking and lying.

And just as the crisis that Brexit had presented, due to expose those that promoted it – the pandemic turned up. Then the story of the crisis of the dead and dying abated with Putin and his attack on Ukraine. Is Johnson’s luck (because the only reason why he’s still in office is luck) about to run out. I suspect it is. But not yet. This of course assumes that Europe doesn’t get dragged into a hot war or worse with Russia and or China. And that being the case, the very last people we need on our side if things did get much worse are the likes of a triad of liars and deceivers in the shape of Johnson, Patel and Raab.

It seems trite to point out, but in the background, no one is noticing that Brexit is seriously damaging the economy to the tune of something like £10billion a month, that businesses and livelihoods are cratering daily – and a full-on constitutional crisis in the guise of Scottish independence and failing national unity is rapidly building.

Britain is being buffeted by the biggest political and economic storms since WW2. The bank-led financial crisis that actually cost this country £1.5 trillion (not the sums the Cameron government lied about) was nothing in comparison. The crash of the ERM, the savings crisis, the employment crisis of the 80s, oil and energy crisis of the 70s do not come close.

Another crisis is that of Britain’s rapidly crashing reputation. London – commonly referred to by the rest of the world as ‘Londongrad‘ is the global money-laundering hub for Russian oligarchs. Mind you, it doesn’t discriminate though. Chinese officials, Nigerian gangsters, drug and human traffickers and their stolen billions from anywhere are good enough for the suits in The City. The Russian attack on Ukraine has highlighted to all countries in the Western world what London really does best – and it’s not sightseeing hop-on-hop-off bus tours of the capital – it’s money laundering on steroids. Corruption is our trade.

All those things that ‘foreigners’ (to coin a Brexitism) saw in Britain from a distance – like democracy, the rule of law, respect and tolerance – were, in reality, exposed as nothing more than a facade.

This government has presided over this country for a very short period of time. In that time, we have all been given clear demonstrations of Britain’s real values and worse still, its real skillsets. The trashing of democracy and the speed of its decline in Britain is probably the most alarming. We’ve also discovered that senior police officers are really not interested in law-breaking at government level. We’ve discovered that political incompetence will indeed allow the deaths of well over 100,000 people – without challenge – like cannon fodder to a cause. We now know that there’s a clique of the elite (bankers, politicians, and other establishment figures) willing to collude with a known hostile state – no matter what reputational or physical damage is done – as long as they achieve their own narrow goals. It’s about power, no matter what the cost.

While government figures point their fingers accusing dictators of suppressing free speech, they pass laws that crush it back home. While the police arrest and fine the public for breaking lockdown laws – they refuse to do the same to politicians. While the government sanctions recipients of Universal Credit for missing an interview – they give loopholes to billionaire oligarchs to ensure there are no interviews to answer to.

And just as Putin seems to have massively miscalculated his own strengths and abilities – so has Boris Johnson. But then again – so did the last Met Police Commissioner, most advisors to government officials and so on. And yet, they have all gotten away with it. For now.

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Even Keir Starmer can’t find his footing in the quagmire that is anything political today. His latest effort is to promote the most unforgettable slogan possible – “security, prosperity and respect“. These three things don’t represent the way back for Britain because they are meaningless to people.


“It makes no difference what colour, race, creed, sex, religion or anything else we are – we can all be united in the fact that without democracy you are not free and without the rule of law, you will be discriminated against”


Trust in everything has gone. Corporate leaders, religious leaders and political leaders are almost universally looked at today with suspicion. The national press, particularly those on the political right, have done untold national harm by deliberately dividing society – expert click-baiters that they are.

We now know that hundreds of billions of illegally seized money is laundered every year by British citizens who commute to work like the rest of us – except they are facilitating torturers, murderers, gun-runners, despots, dictators and worse. It’s their day job in the City of London and it’s somehow quite normal. The head of the National Crime Agency has pointed this out – but still, no one is arrested.

Without trust in democracy and the rule of law, it makes no difference if either exists or not. It makes no difference what colour, race, creed, sex, religion or anything else we are – we can all be united in the fact that without democracy you are not free and without the rule of law, you will be discriminated against.

Johnson and his band of chancers have not been held to account. If they had been – democracy and the rule of law would have already excluded them from public life. And so it would have been for the bankers that crashed the economy and ruined so many lives with their criminal activities.  If you see a law being broken and you don’t report it, you are breaking the law – perhaps the Met Police Commissioner, whoever it might be next should be reminded of this fact.

All criminals – including oligarchs, no matter where they come from should be stopped at our borders and refused entry to stop their illicit money infecting the natural balance of our economy. One only has to look at the effects of billions pouring into the housing market illegally to see how our own people are denied the same opportunity – of owning a home.

Ask yourself a question. Just how proud are you of being British today? Perhaps grade your answer from 1 to 10.

With British values, we would normally answer that question a bit like this. Are we standing up for what is right? Are we standing up for justice? Are we really cheering on and assisting the underdog? In answering those questions, you only have to look at Priti Patel’s tragic excuses at the Home Office for its lack of morals or basic courage when it comes to fleeing Ukrainians. This is the collective value of who we really are – of who we as a nation have become. Our own values have been set on fire and thrown in the bin for people like who – you or me or for Putin and his cronies, for Johnson and his?

Putin has done Britain a small favour though. He has highlighted just how low we have allowed the values of this country to fall. Our silence to these outrages are stark when we should protest – it makes cowards of us all.

This age of cowardice, of not facing up to rampant corruption shames us all.


Image –  The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places. Cowards spread fear and despair by any means possible and then destroy our liberty and way of life. It’s what bullies do – in the playground or in high office.



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