General Election Early Statistics – Britain in Chaos – Divided and Polarised

9th June 2017 / United Kingdom

By Graham Vanbergen: (Updates below) Some early thoughts and statistics …


Hung parliament predicted. Theresa May takes Tories back to their 2010 win, which ended with a coalition Jeremy Corbyn takes more seats than Ed  Miliband and Gordon Brown

Theresa May’s Brexit campaign is rejected. Her personal request for a mandate is also roundly rejected.

The Conservative party manifesto has been largely rejected as the expected huge predicted majority has simply not materialised.

If this was an election of personality and charisma Theresa May has been emphatically defeated.

Theresa May’s decision was a catastrophic decision, just as David Cameron’s was to call the referendum. The Tory party have massively miscalculated the mood of the nation and created instability and chaos both domestically and internationally by playing tactical politics.

Perhaps politicians should learn that calling referendums and elections for personal gain – is clearly the wrong strategy

Ben Gummer, the up and coming rising star of the Tory party, the writer of the Tory Brexit strategy – lost his seat

Ended as fully divided and polarised nation with this fundamentally young against old, left and right, Brexit or not.

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Electors rejected austerity politics – with soft Brexit required

If Theresa May resigns or is ousted, which is in our opinion highly likely, Britain could end up with Boris Johnson as the front-runner who would be an even bigger disaster. There could be weeks of internal elections within the Tory party. It is likely that if Johnson gets in, a chaotic run of government win ensue.


Theresa May’s constituency speech: Entered the room refusing to speak to journalists and left out the back door still refusing to speak to anyone. By contrast – Jeremy Corbyn’s speech was very confident and went straight into a crowd full of admirers and journalists.


Pollsters emphatically wrong yet again

Both Tory and Labour picked up biggest vote of share since the 1980’s

Brexit negotiations start in 11 days with no clear mandate

Home secretary Amber Rudd constituency requires two recounts – playing down to just 300 votes and just gets over the line at 04.55 hours.

Canterbury has been a Tory seat since 1841 underwent a recount.

Labour on course for best vote share in Wales since 1995

Conservative gains in Scotland is confirmation that a second referendum is highly questionable.

Forth most searched Google result – “who is Prime Minister”


Everyone has lost – the Tories, Lib-Dems, UKIP, SNP and Labour not in power

Nick Clegg loses seat to Labour

UKIP share of vote collapses

Boris Johnson won conformably but interestingly said nothing at all about Theresa May

Terrorism did not succeed – voter turnout increased on the 2015 election turnout

Voter turnout on local elections was only 30% which proves that high voter turnout is crucial

Katie Hopkins promised to leave the UK if Labour win – fingers crossed then!


600 seats declared at 05.00 hours

Conservatives at 290, down 14

Labour 249 up 29

SNP 33 down 20

Lib-Dens up 6

UKIP nil


05.15 Hours

Most Conservative MP’s have given what can only be describes as ‘holding statements’ when it comes to Theresa May’s future.

Latest projection, still hung parliament – Conservatives 318 seats  and require DUP’s 10 seats

Rumours of uncertainty inside Tory party as to Theresa May’s future.



More rumours that government already considering delaying Brexit negotiations

Conservatives on 300 seats, Labour 256


Conservatives get the biggest proportion of votes across the country for a Tory leader since 1983 and yet has no majority.

Conservatives have more seats in Scotland than since 1983 and it appears that Scotland have saved the Conservatives.

More rumours that Theresa May may have to quit are swirling around political circles.

Hung parliament still projected

Diane Abbott’s majority 35,139 – Home secretary Amber Rudd 346


633 seats declared – no longer possible to win a majority

Jeremy Corbyn has now got more actual votes than Tony Blair did when he won in 2001 and 2005 by increasing the share of vote across the country.

UKIP lose 80% of the votes they had


Signing off now as the result is now known.

Finally, read  this article: UK Election: The Unknown Factor in That YouGov Poll – it quotes: “On May 13th – Professor Michael Thrasher, Sky Election Analyst predicted how Theresa May could deliver a landslide win and score a majority of as much as 212 seats in Parliament.

Read the rest of the article as we backed the new model being used by YouGov that predicted a shock result. We also predicted that tactical voting was going to be key in this election and that the predicted overall majority was going to be nowhere near what the mainstream press have had everyone believe. Indeed, if anything, this disgraceful campaign of negativeness by the right-wing press has galvanised an electorate – and here we are.






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