‘On-the-run’ criminals to head for ‘safe-haven’ post-Brexit Britain

30th May 2018 / United Kingdom
'On-the-run' criminals to head for post-Brexit Britain for safe haven

By Graham Vanbergen: It’s bad enough that Britain is a country that has more Russian oligarchs per square green and more money launderers in per ‘Square Mile’ in London than any other capital in the world.

So, aside from having a square mile full of the world’s best money launderers, the square’s in Kensington and Chelsea full of the world’s wealthiest distributors of Novichok keeping our tax havens in rude health, it has now been decided that inviting the world’s most wanted on-the-run criminals and keeping them out of small square rooms behind bars makes great economic sense.

One assumes that by severely under-funding the police, which Theresa May managed during her time at the Home Office, that her grand plan is slowly coming to fruition now that she is supposedly running the country. As EU countries start to attract financial services away from London as a direct result of the EU referendum to leave the bloc, replacing the bankers that do leave, with on-the-run criminals seems like a fair swap. Afterall, it’s the same thing. Theft, trafficking, money laundering, settle in Britain, tax havens, safe havens – it’s the way forward, clearly.

And having no police to collar them all adds to providing a less hostile environment for the dregs of the world whilst creating one for some of our best (from the Commonwealth).


Here comes the news that chaotic Brexit negotiations have encouraged a bi-partisan approach on at least one of Theresa May’s so-called ‘red-lines.’ ON news that just leaked out, many Tory, Labour and Lib Dem politicians have called on Theresa May to drop the excellent idea of leaving the European Arrest Warrant.

The European Arrest Warrant meant that criminals were easily extradited across the continent easily once in custody.

However, Theresa May’s plan is that the UK will stop participating after Brexit because as prime minister she has decided not to accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice – at all.

This would make Britain a “haven” for European fugitives, MEPs and MPs warn.

Still, this news goes with the flow. Bankers in a large square mile are vaccinated against their egregious crimes against the people and the state as somehow they can prove that their massive money laundering operations aren’t dodgy in the slightest. Aside from Chelsea FC’s owner, Russian oligarchs are vaccinated against arrest as long as they can prove that their money isn’t dodgy too – so they go to the experts, the bankers to help them, which is why there are so many of them (bankers and oligarchs). Now, on-the-run criminals can avoid a small square place and a daily fresh bowl of porridge usually found in the salubrious square buildings of places like Pentonville in fashionable Islington if they escape out of Europe.

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Tax havens – safe havens, what’s the difference – it’s all very Tom and Jerry!




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