Paris Was Not Attacked By Syrian Linked Terrorists But By Its Own History

15th December 2015 / EU, United Kingdom

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, French President Hollande, the least popular leader in France’s history, immediately announced a state of emergency declaring the country was under attack by Syrian terrorists and was by definition an “act of war”. Since then, France has extended the state of emergency into 2016.

Ironically, these laws being applied date from the Algerian war of independence in the 1950s. France, being in a state of emergency, which now did not need the political process to go to war, started the very prompt bombing of Syria on the basis that, that is where the Parisian attackers were directed from. The irony is that the home grown terrorists were disaffected sons of the parents who suffered terribly from that very same Algerian war, where France committed serious acts of terrorism and genocide.

The Paris attacks and the Syria connection is very ‘tenuous’ at best. The “mastermind” is a 28 years old whose connection with Mehdi Nemmouche, also a jihadist of Franco-Algerian origin, shot and killed four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May 2014.

France has a long a bloody history with Algeria and the ‘blowback’ has been going on for decades.

From world bulletin.netOn 8 May 1945, French army troops with machines guns opened fire on a crowd, killing hundreds of people. This was followed by intense bombing by French aircrafts in Setif, neighboring Guelma and nearby villages. According to Algerian sources, by the end of the massacre on 22 May, 45,000 Algerian civilians had been killed. The French embarked on a campaign to colonise the entire country. This marked the beginning of 130 years of Algerian enslavement.

The Algerians responded with the establishment of several anti-colonisation resistance organisations.  French occupation forces eradicated such resistance and placed the Algerians under complete military, political, religious, cultural and economic pressures.

The French decided to eliminate Muslim and Arab identities. They sought to replace the local language with French and Islam with Christianity. Land belonging to tribes was confiscated and state assets such as foundation buildings were seized. Europeans migrants were settled in the country’s most lush and beautiful regions. In order to encourage such migration, land was seized from native tribes and distributed, without cost, to European migrants.

Any resistance or rebellion was met with a brutal French response. Hundreds of thousands of Algerian civilians were murdered by  nearly half a million French troops in occupation. The genocidal massacres were followed up with appalling accounts of torture and terrorism.

In 1939, at the beginning of the second world war, France was occupied by the Germans and thousands of Algerians fought under a French flag against Hitler’s regime. At the end of the war, Algerians mistakenly thought independence would follow.

Again, the French reacted with brutality. To show the Algerians just how serious France was of maintaining their occupation, troops massacred civilians with machine guns and then indiscriminately bombed towns and villages killing 45,000. Martial law was declared.

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Pro-independence movements began to emerge as a result out of sheer anger and frustration. From around 1950 The Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties (MTLD) was founded under the leadership of Messali Hadj. Its peaceful democratic intentions were not enough for many of its members who broke away and militant splinter groups started the carnage against France that has continued to this day.

From 1900 to 1960, there were a handful of terror attacks in France. From there, dozens and dozens resulted from Algerian connections, or sympathisers of the massacres of Muslims in their own country. There has been at least one major terrorist incident every single year for 60 years. Nearly 2,000 French citizens have been killed, maimed or badly injured as a direct result of terrorism in France since 1960 – Paris this year, just adds to that list.

All the attackers in Paris were born and raised in France or neighbouring Belgium and were native speakers with Algerian family connections. They used their own credit cards and mobile phones to co-ordinate themselves making the entire narrative on mass surveillance obsolete and the effectiveness of the security services wanting. Even the guns used were linked back to a Florida arms dealer with links to Mexican drug gangs and nothing to do with Syria.

Likewise, The killing of Lee Rigby in London was perpetrated by two individuals with a history of violence and drug abuse. One apparently even being recruited by Britain’s own security services. The stabbings at Leytonstone, London was conducted by former Uber taxi driver Muhaydin Mire who was taking drugs and ‘seeing demons’. Both classed as ISIS inspired acts of terror. They were not, they were the actions of deranged losers with nothing to lose.

Like Hollande, David Cameron, clearly lying about supporting 70,000 Syrian rebels and linking seven foiled terror attacks on British soil to Syria, both of which were denounced by the security services were capitalising on a war-mongering narrative to stoke up support for yet more unjustified bombing.

France, like Britain, is experiencing ‘blow-back’ for its actions in the killing of one million innocent civilians in Iraq, hundreds of thousands in Afghanistan, more in Libya and now Syria. Millions are fleeing terror in their own countries. All these countries were attacked by a central core of western countries, America, Britain and France. What did we expect?

The freedom, civil liberty and security of the French and British people is being eroded not by a hydra-like ISIS backed group of terrorists but by a fiction committed by its own leaders.

Graham Vanbergen – TruePublica



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