The Government: They Do Not Care

29th January 2022 / United Kingdom
The Government: They Do Not Care

The Conservative Party was founded in 1834. It has generally adopted liberal economic policies favouring free-market economics including measures such as deregulation, privatisation, and marketisation, especially so since the 1980s. Its guiding principles include the promotion of private property and enterprise, the maintenance of a strong military, the preservation of traditional cultural values and institutions and especially the rule of law.

Today, the Tories are a completely different animal when compared to the party just five years ago, let alone across the generations. It is now more of a hybrid political party, heading towards a political system that is starting to show the characteristics of authoritarianism where much of its rhetoric relies on deception, fear and the promise of economic prosperity.

One thing is for sure, at the heart of the current government is a prime minister who simply does not care about anything other than himself.

We should not forget that heading straight for us in the UK we have increased taxes, an energy crisis, a prolonged inflationary spike – all of which is expected to push millions towards the brink of poverty.


This is evidenced because:

Boris Johnson is a Racist, he doesn’t care about people of colour. (LINK)

Boris Johnson is a Misogynist – he doesn’t care about women.

Boris Johnson is homophobic – he doesn’t care about LGBG+ communities at all (LINK)

Boris Johnson prorogued parliament and allowed lockdown parties – he doesn’t care about law and order. (LINK)

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Boris Johnson believes global warming is nonsense – he does not really care about the climate crisis (LINK)

Boris Johnson decided to ‘let the bodies pile high’, which meant the worst death toll in Europe – he doesn’t care about the British people. (LINK)

Boris Johnson allows his acolytes in the Conservative party to break the ministerial code – he doesn’t care about the rules-based system of government. (LINK)

Boris Johson lied to the Queen and allowed parties on the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral – it’s because he doesn’t care about the British Monarchy. (LINK)

Boris Johnson wrote two letters about Brexit, one in support of Vote Leave and one for Remain and chose the one he thought he could benefit from on the very last day he could. He does not care about Brexit, how to make it work, what it means or what to do about it. (LINK)

Boris Johson presided over the second-worst economic fall in Europe and famously remarked ‘fxck business’ in the context of the biggest constitutional challenge this country has faced in several hundred years. He does not care about carefully nurtured businesses, the wider economy of our country or Britain’s unwritten constitutional agreement. (LINK) (LINK)

Boris Johnson is accused of helping to charter a plane to evacuate dogs when thousands of people were left stranded facing the executioners of the Taliban. He does not care about the priorities of human life. (LINK)

Boris Johnson further endangered the liberty and life of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe with careless comments. He does not care about British citizens stranded in foreign lands, incarcerated on trumped-up, false charges by enemy states. (LINK)

Boris Johnson has accepted influence from billionaires connected to the Kremlin and even presented the son of a Russian KGB agent a peerage in the House of Lords. He does not care about malign foreign influences no matter how dangerous they may be. (LINK)

Boris Johnson was sidelined in his role in the Foreign Office under a previous Tory PM because he could not be trusted. He does not care that he represented a national security threat to his own government (LINK)

When Boris Johnson gets caught in his continual wrongdoing – he throws his staff under a bus to save his own skin because he doesn’t care about loyalty or integrity. (LINK).

Boris Johnson misused public funds to promote the business interests of his former lover Jennifer Arcuri. He doesn’t care about malfeasance, abuse of office or corruption (LINK)

Corruption experts warn Boris Johnson’s government is now the worst since the World War. Boris Johnson doesn’t care if his government is corrupt or damaging the reputation of the UK (LINK)


The list goes on and on – abandonment of his own family, accused of colluding to beat up a journalist, breaking the rules on financial interests, accusations of breaching the ministerial code, blowing public money on farcical projects that fail, the Russia Report whitewash, Owen Paterson – and so on.

This is a snapshot of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson was put into No10 Downing Street by the Conservative Party. Irrespective of anything he might have achieved, he has trashed democracy, created a government machine more corrupt than anything in living memory, has destabilised our union of four nations, divided society and is immersed in chaos, scandal, lies, deceit – and what looks like an establishment ‘stitch-up’ involving the Metropolitan Police. The result of all this is that trust in the institutions that uphold the country is being rapidly dismantled before our eyes.

The true disgrace is that Boris Johnson still remains in his job.

As already mentioned, heading towards us all in this country is an inflation spike, an energy crisis and an NHS crisis where 13 million people are expected to be on waiting lists by the next election. Poverty will sharply increase, especially child poverty. Brexit is not done, the economy has been damaged by it to the tune of £12 billion a month, the Northern Ireland protocol is yet to be settled. On top of this, as household finances face plunging disposable income – a recession is inevitably on its way.

What Great Britain needs right now is a leader able to concentrate on the job. And it may have left the minds of Boris Johnson, the government and the Tory party more widely what their job actually is – to make the lives of all citizens better off by political and economic policy. This is something they have categorically failed at and at some point, someone is going to have to clear up this chaotic mess.



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