Tories secretly prepare for snap general election

17th January 2019 / United Kingdom
Tories secretly prepare for snap general election

The TruePublica Editor: Theresa May dared MPs to vote for a General Election after her Brexit deal suffered the worst defeat in British history. The PM asked Labour to call a confidence vote in the House of Commons after 432 MPs voted to kill off the withdrawal agreement with only 202 backing her. It was a crushing defeat like no other. Never in our lifetime has a prime minister been humiliated like this. And yet she staggers on. And calling their bluff had a reason.


The result of the latest confidence vote at 325 to 306 means only that she has survived an attempt by the opposition to oust her.

Jeremy Corbyn has played the entire Brexit games of thrones competition badly – handing May new lifelines at almost every stage and falling into political traps against the will of his own party.

Ian Dunt at rightly makes comment – “Each step drives him (Corbyn) remorselessly towards having to support a People’s Vote. But he is going to fight it every step of the way. He is going to do everything in his power to prevent it. He will table confidence motion after confidence motion if he has to. Corbyn is desperate not to be the person to call that vote.

As the Brexit debate continues to reduce the political options, it is almost undeniable where we are heading. In the end, there’s No-deal and a People’s Vote. Neither Theresa May nor Jeremy Corbyn are prepared publicly to accept either of them even though May is using the former option as a political weapon to bully parliament.

At the moment, it is quite apparent that there is no majority either way for No-Deal or a People’s Vote. Many MPs have already ruled out both and the press is going with that. But like all things Brexit – soon they may have no choice and like Britain’s two-party state, MP’s will be put in the same position as the electorate usually are – choosing which of the two they find the least worst option.

It is probable of course, that a delay to article 50 may take place as speculated by the mainstream media.

As I have said before Theresa May, who ascended to No10 only after her predecessors’ appalling judgment – is an authoritarian. Only now as PM, she has consistently demonstrated this trait by working almost non-stop to undermine parliament by denying it votes, abusing certain statutory instruments, outright dismissing of opposition day motions, and ignoring its clear instructions. This is not democracy in action. It is using executive powers to bully and coerce. It’s her way or no way and now she is forced to say she will listen to others concerns – she won’t.

Let’s not forget what we have in our PM. She lied about their ability to get a trade deal done in two years – all that has happened is resignation after resignation of those put in place to negotiate it. She lied about the nature of the transition period itself and about whether she would delay the vote on her deal. And let us not forget that she lied about not holding a snap election – that she then lost. The result to that was handing a billion or so of taxpayers money to a bunch of thugs in the form of the DUP.

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This is Theresa May’s modus operandi.

What the mainstream media have not reported is what is going on in the background.

Last night, according to Britain’s biggest political right-wing gossip blog – “the Tories have opened up three tranches of candidate selections for the least-winnable seats across the country. The ones that you’d only normally select right before a general election…

Although this decision was taken before the result of the confidence vote, this shows the Tories are firmly getting on an election footing. The seats are all set to have fast-track selections with CCHQ aiming to have a candidate in place in every seat by the end of the month. Whether people want to become candidates for unwinnable seats with no guarantee of an upcoming election is another matter…”


As Jeremy Corbyn’s options keep running out – as he keeps playing the wrong card in the face of his own membership and party supporters, one thing is emerging. Jeremy Corbyn is no better a politician than the rest of them because he will do anything to get into power irrespective of the consequences to the country or his party. That is the only thing that Theresa May can really use – that he might just lose another snap election.

So after a referendum, a snap election and then witnessing this national humiliation, the public could well be dragged back to the polling booths in yet another round of political lies, finger-pointing, identity politics and divisive accusations. God forgive us all for secretly thinking Guy Fawkes was merely ahead of his time!


Read the full list of seats being prepared for an election below.

Bethnal Green & Bow
East Ham
Ilford North
Ilford South
Leyton & Wansted
Poplar & Limehouse
West HamEdmonton
Hackney South & Shoreditch
Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Hornsey & Wood Green
Islington North
Islington South & Finsbury
Croydon North
Greenwich & Woolwich
Lewisham East
Lewisham Deptford
Lewisham West & Penge
Norwich South
Cambridge City
Oxford East
West Brom East
West Brom West
All seats in Birmingham
All seats in Coventry
All seats in Doncaster and Rotherham
All seats in Teesside
All seats in Manchester and Salford
All seats in Merseyside
All seats not yet selected in South Yorkshire
All seats in Tyneside



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