Why the NHS will be privatised – take the example of ‘free-schools’

28th November 2019 / United Kingdom
Why the NHS will be privatised - take the example of 'free-schools'

TruePublica Editor: For nearly a year now, TruePublica has said that trade negotiations with America for a post-Brexit trade deal are already in an advanced stage. We have constantly reported that the NHS will be opened up to US medical corporations and that a medical insurance backed scheme will eventually be introduced.

In January this year, we published an article ‘Killed by the State‘ – a piece about how the dismantling of the UK welfare state is aided by the advice of American ‘healthcare’ companies with subsequent devastating policy decisions. The excellent decade long research by independent disability studies researcher Mo Stewart – revealed that the welfare state was being systematically dismantled at the expense of people’s lives. And whilst Mo Stewart’s work emphatically shows how the disabled has been a primary target – it should be understood that under an American trade deal, the trajectory and rollout will be much broader and will disadvantage everyone in the end. Mo Stewart’s work culminates in a final 60-page document that TruePublca will feature in the coming week.

Everyone should understand where universal healthcare is heading. Like universal education – a university qualification now comes at great expense. However, the state went further with the whole idea of so-called ‘Free-Schools.’ It was a plan constructed in 2010 by the Conservative party to introduce private capital into mainstream education. Last July alone saw 123 companies submitting applications to run ‘free-schools’ and in the same month alone, 22 more were granted licences. There have been thirteen ‘waves’ of applications since 2010 with seven organisations having at least ten schools in their portfolio. One, called Star Academies has 25 schools, 8 of which have opened since September 2017. It has two secondary schools and a primary school in the pipeline, and has now been approved to open another secondary school. Over 400 ‘free-schools’ were granted between 2010 and 2015 with another 500 planned. Their non-profiting making status means for nothing when considering they are almost exclusively run by companies – and not by parents, teachers and voluntary groups. Polling in April 2015 put public support for Conservative proposals to increase the number of free schools by at least 500 at just 26%. But they went ahead anyway.

So don’t tell me that healthcare won’t be up for the highest bidder – because educating our children already is – and it is accelerating despite warnings of their failures by Ofsted, which have been ignored, so it continues.


Yesterday, Labour obtained official documents showing that the US is demanding that the NHS will be “on the table” in talks on a post-Brexit trade deal. Jeremy Corbyn said the uncensored papers gave the lie to Boris Johnson’s claims that the NHS would not be part of any trade talks and revealed that the US wanted “total market access” after the UK leaves the EU.


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The uncensored documents leave Boris Johnson’s denials in absolute tatters,” Corbyn said at a news conference in London. “We have now got evidence that under Boris Johnson the NHS is on the table and will be up for sale. He tried to cover it up in a secret agenda and today it has been exposed.”

This document makes the case that the NHS is indeed on the table – and TruePublica has just found some more evidence that this trade deal has another element to it, which we will be publishing early next week.

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TruePublica had already published that six rounds of talks had been held and that $16 million had been spent on a lavish New York penthouse for the diplomatic arm of the British negotiating team. Well over a year ago, the Johnson negotiators were sent with one aim – to agree on a deal. It is the jewel in the neoliberal transatlantic crown. The UK’s GDP is about the same as the combined GDP of the other three members of the ‘five-eyes’ clan. This is Britain’s geopolitical and economic pivot from Europe to America. It’s what the ERG want, the Brexiteers want and what the Leavers don’t realise and still don’t believe. Somehow, they think Britain will be better off being a second class citizen of America than a first-class citizen of Europe.



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