Yet again voters dismissed as May submits to Tory Grandees

12th June 2017 / United Kingdom

By Graham Vanbergen: The politicians are leading Britain into a void. Rapidly declining in influence in both Europe and America, having made enemies of Russia and distrusted by everyone east of the Ukraine and south of Tunisia, Britain is now the global laughing stock, the butt of jokes and political cartoonists the world over.


Our world and the world around is a mess due to the personal ambitions of so-called ‘world leaders.’ We only have to look at the self defeating prophesy of our own, whose track record of success is woeful at best, and frankly, at any other time in history, would have been treated as not much less than treasonous.


Robert Harris in the Sunday Times writes: “how did a stable parliamentary democracy, granted a unique set of favourable opt-outs with the largest trading bloc in the world, including on the single currency and travel, throw it all up in the air on the basis of 52-48 yes/no vote in a referendum – a margin not normally wide enough to change the constitution of the average golf club”.


Cameron told us that the ‘big society’ would solve our ‘Broken Britain’. The idea proposed the integration of the free market with a theory of social solidarity based on hierarchy and voluntarism.


Cameron said he was going to reform the EU.

Both were vacuous to an electorate who saw through his shallow deception.

Osborne told us of his economic miracle – driven by austerity – as if the two don’t cancel themselves out, which is exactly what happened.

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Mind you, Trump was going to drain the swamp and clean up the Wall Street casino – they now own him.



It’s telling isn’t it that the three biggest democratic votes in the history of the United Kingdom are:

No1 2016 – LEAVE the European Union with 17.4 million votes

No2 ‘1975 – YES” to remaining in the EEC with 17.3 million votes

No3 2016 – ‘REMAIN’ a member of the European Union with 16.1 million votes.

All three have massively out-gunned votes for a single politician including Attlee, Churchill, Thatcher and Blair. All three of these momentous events were defined by the lies of government officials.

Theresa May’s snap election was designed to increase her authority and kill the opposition, especially Jeremy Corbyn and his vision of the rise of traditional socialism. Instead there are now 262 Labour MP’s rather than the 170 or so widely touted by the mainstream broadcast media along with a howling mainstream press, who are now eating their deceitful and misleading words in front of a defiant citizenry. As if to enrage them further, May jumps into bed with a bunch of anti choice, religious bigots and climate change deniers who have called for the return of the death penalty – a party of extremists living in the olde world.

Europe’s Euractiv news cartoon entitled “Britain’s top minds are on the case”

Strong and stable is now weak and wobbly and feckless too.

Theresa May got more votes in this election than David Cameron did in both 2010 and 2015. She won with 13.7 million followers, a full 2.5 million more than Cameron at his best – and yet she lost.

Having won, but lost, Theresa then tears up her manifesto, making it obsolete within two days, abandoning nearly 14 million voters who thought her manifesto would be their country’s salvation, whilst she acquiesces to the Tory grandees demands. These are the very same establishment dinosaurs who are systematically destroying Britain with their infantile world view of old empire.

According to the newspapers today, May has axed key manifesto pledges as she pays the price for Cabinet support before facing a showdown with backbenchers. But they are not the electorate are they?


This is so typical of Britain’s democracy today. It’s all about politics, nothing to do with the voters you see.

Top politician’s inside the corridors of power used to wait at least a few years until they exacted revenge on former cabinet colleague enemies. They became columnists or wrote a memoir. George Osborne went straight for May’s jugular just weeks after leaving his post calling her a ‘dead woman walking.’ Osborne can’t see he is supposed to have the best interests of the country at heart. Which he doesn’t – and never did.

‘It’s just how long she’s going to remain on death row. We could easily get to the middle of next week and it all collapses for her’ – clearly aiming for gloat Bafta of the decade.


We see something from history coming to bite us with something in common with King John back in 1215ad. A lecherous traitor, a depraved tyrant and a hopeless leader in war – it’s no wonder his subjects rose up and forced Magna Carta on him.

Theresa May, an authoritarian but hopeless tactician, gambled our future, like her predecessor did, for greater personal glory – and lost.  If Thatcher’s raison d’être was implementing extreme neoliberal capitalism with the consequent aim of  destroying socialism, Mays achievement was resurrecting socialism and is destroying capitalism because her subjects rose up and forced Jeremy Corbyn on us.

It’s simple, the country cannot afford Corbyn’s socialism, but it clearly cannot afford Thatcher’s capitalism either – both are failed systems but the vacuum has not been filled. That vacuum happens to be the centre.


Let there be no illusion here. Britain’s fortunes are being squandered after this extraordinary general election outcome. The supreme political strategists and tactician’s can’t even work out the most basic outcomes of their own domestic electorate, let alone negotiate with the three biggest economic powers humanity has ever seen – America, China and The European Union. Britain is now considered a spent force – the last residues of the empire finally dimming with the incoherent murmurings of the establishment – who are despised by a people so ruthlessly exploited in the past four decades due to the ideology of neoliberalism that created a society so unequal as to equal that of the times of Dickens.



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