How ‘Public-Common Partnerships’ Can Help Us Take Back What’s Ours

9th July 2019 / NewsBits

By Novara Media: Over the last eight months a higgledy-piggledy north London market populated primarily by Latin American stallholders has become the scene of a pivotal moment in the trajectory of Corbynism.


It began with Haringey’s new ‘Corbyn council’ deciding to push ahead with a redevelopment scheme – led by building giant Grainger – which would involve the market’s replacement with a soulless, glass-fronted, mixed-use development, pricing out existing users. The decision met strong opposition from an alliance of stall-holders, market users and local residents. As Mirca Morera from the Save Latin Village campaign puts it:

“For too long, communities such as ours have been dispossessed by predatory development practices which – through programmes of ‘managed decline’ and outright bullying – prioritise profits over people to replace the cultural fabric of our cities with speculative property developments. We are fighting not just to defend our community, but to provide an alternative model for urban development which benefits low-income neighbourhoods across Britain.”

As the Save Latin Village campaign puts forward its own counter-plan for urban development, the case raises a problem central to left politics.





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