A Question of Failed Government

8th October 2017 / ThinkPublica
A Question of Failed Government

Why is it that when, time after time, people express their wish to live in a society that is more caring and sharing, it is never reflected in the actions of governments?


Why is it that governments always claim not to have money for the things that people value (and need) but can always find huge amounts of money for things that people do not want?

Unjustifiable wars, unaffordable tax cuts, unacceptable bailing out of ‘too big to fail’ crony capitalists, their own incompetence (Labour and mad cow disease), and (new Conservative grammar schools as the larger education system breaks down) while cutting funding for the fundamentals of a good society such as education, health, social services and a decent infrastructure which national taxes are paid for.

Why is it that governments cannot ensure a living wage for their citizens (average wages have remained the same over the last thirty years) while giving tax breaks to the very wealthy and corporates when the government then ends up subsidising the low-paid in a double-whammy of lower tax revenues and increasing social welfare bills?

Why is it the governments cannot undertake the building of low-cost, social housing when it, in effect, fritters away billions (£24 billion in 2016 or c15% of welfare budget) on housing benefit subsidising private rents that can be used for this purpose?


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