Accusations that disaster capitalists are piling the pressure on Johnson to pursue no-deal Brexit

30th September 2019 / United Kingdom
Accusations that disaster capitalists are piling the pressure on Johnson to pursue no-deal Brexit

By TruePublica Editor: “For the first time in 35 years, I am not packing my bag to travel to the Tory party conference tomorrow. The party I joined as a student and first campaigned for in the 1979 general election is suffering a convulsion that makes it — for now at least — unrecognisable to me. Gone is the relaxed, broad-church coalition, united by a belief in free-trade, open markets, fiscal discipline and a fear of the pernicious effects of socialism, but tolerant of a wide range of social and political opinion within its ranks. In its place is an ideological puritanism that brooks no dissent and is more and more strident in its tone.”

These are the words of former Chancellor Phillip Hammond. In this article for The Times, Hammond admits that Boris Johnson is going all out, at all costs, do or die, for a no-deal Brexit because he is financially supported by disaster capitalists who now want a return on their investment.

This is what happens when you have unprotected sex with cocaine jammed prostitutes from the hedge-fund industry that get their real highs from the chaos they cause. Taking money from these people and from the far-right American Jihadists of the free-market contaminates the political and economic ecosystem of the state. It’s like the plague – once it arrives, you can’t easily get rid of it without extreme strategies.


Accusations that dark money is infiltrating the Boris Johnson snap election campaign are rife. The UK’s most senior civil servant is now under pressure to investigate Boris Johnson’s financial backers following cross-party claims that unnamed individuals stand to benefit from the prime minister’s willingness to pursue a no-deal Brexit. Johnson’s own sister, a person close to him, has said exactly that.

Johnson is backed by speculators who have bet billions on a hard Brexit – and there is only one option that works for them: a crash-out no-deal that sends the currency tumbling and inflation soaring,” Hammond wrote in the Times.

Guto Bebb, a former Tory minister who was thrown out of the party for opposing a no-deal Brexit, said: “The dubious financiers who supported the ‘leave’ campaign and the prime minister’s leadership campaign are betting against Britain. The PM should put the interests of the country first rather than facilitating a financial bonanza for a few.”

Anna Soubry, the leader of Change UK, said: “This week’s events are damning evidence that Boris Johnson has no moral compass. It gives me no pleasure to believe that Johnson is in hock to all manner of people and in particular those who don’t give a toss about the livelihoods of our constituents but simply get even more rich gambling on our children’s future.”

Finally, the mainstream media have opened their eyes. TruePublica has published dozens of stories about dark money, corruption, hedge-funds, bankers and foreign state actors, most particularly American ones involved in the architecture of this disaster. But it doesn’t end there. Think tanks and front charities funded by right-wing extremists from the USA have plans to plunder and exploit Britain. And here we are, 30 something days until the do-or-die date when Johnson collapses the last vestige of political normality and only now the MSM are getting really worried about what comes next.

Boris Johnson’s push towards a no-deal Brexit is a “free lunch” for hedge funds and currency traders trading off the collapse of the pound, the former chairman of Goldman Sachs’ Asset Management Sir Jim O’Neill said.

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As Business Insider wrote – ‘However, Baron O’Neill (no connection), who advised David Cameron’s government, said that his former colleagues in the industry saw the push to a no-deal Brexit as a “chance to make some money.”

An example of this is Crispin Odey, the pro-Brexit Conservative donor, who has reportedly waged a £300m bet against some of Britain’s biggest businesses on the implication their share prices will crash after Brexit.

The multimillionaire hedge fund tycoon’s company, Odey Asset Management, is understood to have taken out “short” positions on at least 16 firms including Royal Mail and Intu, the shopping centre owner. Hundreds of millions is piling into such bets.

The conflict of interest code for members of the House of Commons states: “Given that service in parliament is a public trust … members are expected … to fulfil their public duties with honesty and uphold the highest standards so as to avoid real or apparent conflicts of interests, and maintain and enhance public confidence and trust in the integrity of each member and in the House of Commons.

Do you see any of that in Boris Johnson? Phillip Stevens from the FT says there’s none of that expectation in Johnson anywhere in sight – “There is not a soul in the long corridors of Whitehall who believes the prime minister is telling the truth” – and he means about anything. Stevens goes on to say that – “The lying reveals a profound disdain for the traditions, institutions and laws that sustain Britain’s parliamentary ecosystem. Whitehall officials say rules of proper behaviour are simply torn up.”

In July this year, well before the MSM decided that Brexit really was going to end in tears I wrote about how dark money was infiltrating the Johnson campaign:

“I said all along that democracy had been subverted and the evidence is there to support it. I said all along that Theresa May would be a danger to democracy and usher in something worse and that has happened. I said all along that America sees Britain as a morsel to be exploited. This is a project that has costs hundreds of millions, probably billions. We’ll never find out because dark money, off-shored laundered money and dodgy money – has funded this trajectory of national failure that places Britain in America’s exploitative lap. But it’s payback time and Johnson walking through the door at No10 is a significant victory towards that aim. The two worst Prime Ministers of modern times, David Cameron and Theresa May are about to be replaced by another. Britain’s democracy has been bought just like the man about to lead it.”

Finally, the penny is dropping in the national media. They are uttering those same words as Britain heads for its no-deal Brexit. The headlines are starting to drum up some concern:

Calls for inquiry into claims Johnson backers benefit from no-deal Brexit.

Hedge fund managers back Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign”

How Dark Money From Overseas Flows Into Boris Johnson’s Government

Tory leadership donations: who’s really backing Boris Johnson”

“Labour calls for probe into currency speculators backing Boris Johnson and a no-deal Brexit”


In one month’s time, we’ll find out if Boris Johnson is bluffing his hand or really will crash the economy over the proverbial cliff. But no-one should be in any doubt – any politician, any government or other entity that plots to pit the government against the monarchy, the state against the people, or now, as is the big worry, civil society against itself in street violence, should be quickly rounded up and dealt with.

The state rounds up non-violent anti-fracking and environmental protestors and now classifies them as terrorists. The state is passing laws that treat whistleblowers and journalists who break those stories that are very definitely in the public interest as foreign spies as well – with threats of lengthy prison sentences. And now, the state is actively involved in parliamentary plots to close down dissenting voices in Britain’s own house of representatives, has abandoned its electoral watchdog and accused its supreme court judges of bias, hinting that both should be broken up. Whatever you voted for, this is not the answer. The current trajectory that the disaster capitalists are funding, is that even worse is yet to come.

It was Milton Friedman, the American economist who received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research on consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and the complexity of stabilization policy that once said: “Only a crisis, actual or perceived, creates real change.” That has been the plan all along – crisis.




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