Brexit – The billionaires scam the MSM don’t want you to know

17th March 2019 / United Kingdom
Brexit - The billionaires scam the MSM don't want you to know

In the book – Brexit – A corporate Coup D’Etat I dedicated an entire chapter to an event that the ‘mainstream media’ in Britain were fully aware of but published nothing.

The book was published in December and this particular chapter was written in July 2018.

“Largely unreported by the mainstream media in Britain came a report by Bloomberg news – and it was a bombshell. It’s just that – it didn’t go off. The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun, Express and The Times completely neglected to report such a remarkable story. This story provides more evidence as if further was needed, that Brexit was indeed brought about by billionaires to profit from the chaos.”

As a result of mainstream media coverage of the run-up to the EU-referendum, there was a significant understanding by nearly three-quarters of the public that Remain would win.

What they didn’t know was this.


“Behind the scenes, a small group of people had a secret—and billions of dollars were at stake. Hedge funds aiming to win big from trades that day had hired YouGov and at least five other polling companies, including Farage’s favourite pollster. Their services, on the day and in the days leading up to the vote, varied, but pollsters sold hedge funds critical, advance information, including data that would have been illegal for them to give the public.”


The chapter goes on to say that these hedge funds were in the perfect position to earn fortunes by short selling the British pound – but only if Brexit went one way. Of course, what was not published was secret market knowledge amongst a financial elite of how these hedge funds along with their billionaire connections and corporations were all part architects of Brexit in the first place.

They bet billions of dollars – not millions, on what they unmistakably felt was a sure bet. How did they know? Not one single member of the general public knew the actual outcome of the EU referendum until several hours after voting had officially closed when others had invested hard into just one position before.”


The unexpected Brexit result caused the largest collapse of any major currency in history in the modern financial system – no-one has witnessed such a large fall in such a short period of time – ever.


It should be noted that U.K. law restricts polling companies from releasing exit-poll data before voting ends. But they did and had been doing so for some time – but only to those who were paying them to keep silent to the public, while passing critical information in private.

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One person with questions still to answer is Farage, a former commodities broker who also went to work for a London currency trading company after he moved into politics. He twice told the world on election night that Leave had likely lost when he had information suggesting his side had actually won. He also changed his story about who told him what regarding that precious piece of information.

That was a classic ‘insiders’ move. According to Bloomberg, the insinuation was that Farage was willing to lie in front of the nation to personally profit from it.


“Farage himself was “feeding specious sentiment into markets” – apparently to profit from what the vast majority of the public, commentators and experts were convinced was going to be a Remain result.”


As for the pollsters involved in this scam, they said Brexit yielded one of the “most profitable single days in the history of their industry”. One wonders why it is that as they’ve apparently broken the law why they haven’t been arrested? And as the hedge fund managers also broke the law – where are the boys in blue? Yet, none have even been asked any questions by the mainstream media.

The UK’s watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority have recognised that there are questions to ask – so they asked some in late 2018. The chief executive of the regulator invited pollsters to meet and discuss “what, if any, action may be required”. To the surprise of no-one, nothing has come from that meeting.

The chair of the UK Parliament’s Treasury Committee even quizzed the British Polling Council and the Market Research Society but was rebuffed – as if questions from the elected representatives or official bodies whose role it is to ensure corruption is kept away from democracy need not be answered. Again, all this kept under the news radar at the time.

This chapter, or indeed the book itself is not about mourning over what many believe will be of serious detriment to Britain’s future as a direct result of Brexit. No, this is about an entire country being played by billionaires and foreign actors willing to profit from a design of chaos explained in Noami Kline’s seminal book ‘“Shock Doctrine‘ – which is now becoming self-evident- and Britain’s legislature having no answer to it.

Although all this information was in the public domain – it went nowhere at all in the British press. It was as if somehow hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars thrown at a one-way bet that won against the odds – sold as a foregone conclusion, should attract no suspicion that something else was going on.

You can read all about this and other revelations about what was really going on in the background in the run-up to the referendum in the book, which right now, for a limited time, can be downloaded onto any mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop for just £2.99 HERE.

REVIEW: “Real evidence of the horrendous fraud the Brexit really is (5 stars) – “This book gives access to the evidence of the biggest corruption scandal involving neo-liberal finance since Thatcher. There are detailed references to all the data they use. Excellent.


Graham Vanbergen is the contributing editor of TruePublica and author of Brexit – a Corporate Coup D’Etat




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