BREXIT: The Book Facebook has Censored

13th February 2019 / United Kingdom
BREXIT: The Book Facebook has Censored

TruePublica Editor: The book entitled Brexit – A Corporate Coup D’etat is introduced on Amazon thus;

This book is not about apportioning blame to any part of society or particular demographic of the electorate in Britain for its exit from the European Union. It does not attempt to cultivate a debate for a second referendum but seeks to answer a politically explosive question that has not been asked by the print or broadcast media; was Brexit both predetermined and then engineered as an outcome to the ultimate gain of global corporations?

This book takes on the task of answering that question. It seeks to establish what happened in the background, why it happened, who was involved and what is coming next.”

The book was released mid-December and sales revenue helps to pay for the TruePublica website. Not a penny goes into the pocket of the author. On all platforms, book sales are now well into the hundreds. As time goes by, the information contained in the book is slowly coming to the surface in scandal after scandal. And there are more to come.


Brexit: Everything in this book has so far come true, with more revelations to come



Brexit: Everything is this book has so far come true, with more revelations to come

Brexit: Everything in this book has so far come true, with more revelations to come


Last weekend, the price of the book was reduced for a limited time period from £5.99 to £2.99 to promote more sales. The article promoted the book by saying – “From 167 pages, it only takes a day to read but when you’re finished, you’ll know a lot about Brexit that other people simply don’t know. So, if it’s a matter of opinion, then make yours matter.”

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A piece about it was published on TruePublica with the headline above. That article was also posted on the TruePublica Facebook page. That day 32 book sales were generated, a similar amount the following day. We decided to invest £50 to boost the Facebook article and see if that generated more book sales.


Declined because the book is of a ‘political nature’

The Facebook post was then declined because it was ‘political in nature.’ They emailed saying – “We require Pages to be authorized to run ads related to politics and issues of national importance.

Facebook has run one advert on this same book before with no problem.

Apparently, Facebook suddenly has a new policy to defend us all from they consider fake news and disinformation. To prove that I was not peddling fake news, Facebook wants very personal and detailed information. They state in these particular terms and conditions, to approve the advert, that they will not share those details with anyone except to (unidentified) associated organisations. Why would anyone share passport, driving licence, home address, contact numbers and other details with a company whose modus operandi is the extreme abuse of customer and audience privacy. This same company is accused of these crimes by governments all over the world?

And just who are those associated organisations – the government? We don’t know because Facebook won’t say. By imposing totally unreasonable conditions – Facebook is censoring this book. And make no mistake – this is something else they have been accused of … all over the world.


Email to Facebook

We emailed in response, part of which went –

I ran an article on the TruePublica website and posted it to FB. The article generated over 30 book sales that day. So, I decided to boost it on FB. It was declined because of the ‘political nature of the book’. 

The book is about Brexit and how democracy was stolen in Britain – funded by foreign corporations and billionaires. It’s ironic that this book that provides so much evidence of illegal collusion by companies embroiled in these strategies should be banned by none other than … FB – a company at the very heart of the growing democratic deficit in Britain by plying fake news, propaganda and disinformation. 


You can bet your last penny that if the entire TruePublica page is not banned very soon, it will now be heavily censored by Facebook.

We already have a big problem with this organisation. No matter how many new ‘LIKES’ the page gets it won’t go much over the 2,500 mark because for that to happen, Facebook wants money. If a post is particularly popular it is held back and payment is the only method of allowing it progress organically. The reach per share dropped dramatically last year. To increase that … well, it’s not hard to work out what they want.



TruePublica is a member of Britain’s Media Fund, its contributing editor is a member of the British Association of Journalists and just last week, IMPRESS, the only independent press regulator in the UK approached TruePublica to become a member.  It was the first to be recognised by the Press Recognition Panel. Unlike the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), IMPRESS is fully compliant with the recommendations of the Leveson Inquiry. No national newspaper has signed up to the new regulator. They continue with their own abuses as national advertisers of the mouthpiece of the state or following their own divisive agenda. Britain now has the most right-wing press in Europe because it refuses to be regulated.

Unlike TruePublica – Facebook operates outside of the law and it operates with apparent impunity. But don’t take our word for it.

Here you can read all about the saga of “Facebook’s failures in ensuring privacy for user data, including how it relates to Cambridge Analytica, the GDPR, the Brexit campaign, and the 2016 US presidential election.”

Here you can read all about – THE 21 (AND COUNTING) BIGGEST FACEBOOK SCANDALS OF 2018

Here you can read about how – Facebook marks 15 years under a cloud of scandal


The Facebook Middle Finger

Facebook has been warned by governments time and time again about it’s shocking, abusive behaviour. And yet, its association with Cambridge Analytica, SCL Elections and the highly immoral – and what are turning out to be illegal campaigns used against the British public in the EU referendum contest is of no interest to them. Zuckerberg, the Facebook boss has been repeatedly asked to appear in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, and has repeatedly refused, such is his indifference to democracy, responsibility or morality.

Committee chairs from Australia, Argentina, Ireland and Canada then joined forces with Britain in an attempt to force ‘Zuch’ to face the democratic institutions he was threatening – he refused. That was predictable because the hearings were all about his company spreading disinformation and fake news.

“Given your self-declared objective to ‘fix’ Facebook, and to prevent the platform’s malign use in world affairs and democratic process, we would like to give you the chance to appear at this hearing” – wrote the UK committee. Little more than a middle-finger was Facebook’s response.

Facebook published and spread huge volumes of fake news, propaganda and disinformation at very precise electoral targets in Britain’s EU referendum purely for the purposes of changing the result on behalf of its clients. The Electoral Commission is investigating, the police are involved, so now is the National Crime Agency. From one point of view, it makes little difference whether they actually succeeded because everyone knows the campaign was affected in some way. The Brexit vote was voided the day Facebook decided it was right to distort democracy for its own ends.

By contrast, TruePublica has published nearly 4,000 articles with 6 million words and not once been accused of plying fake news or disinformation. Frankly, it’s a bit rich for a company like Facebook to be questioning TruePublica about its authority to publish news of national importance!




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