Kleptotors and the DWP

5th February 2020 / United Kingdom
Kleptotors and the DWP

By TruePublica Editor: You’ve just been unexpectedly transported to the alien nation of Kleptotors 186. The planet has substantial mineral wealth and food diversity and is populated with a sophisticated society arranged around the type of democratic principles we are used to back on Earth. Unfortunately, the wealth of the Kleptos has come about through corrupt leaders (see – dedicated Wikipedia page) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth and political powers. Sadly, this system involves the misappropriation of public funds at the expense of the wider population.

Despite their obvious wealth and general well-being, the Kleptos have developed a system that is punitive towards the vulnerable and weak. They treat them with a level of injustice and indignity you never thought possible. It is of course, inhumane, but then the Kleptotors are not human, of course.

The Kleptos are a humanoid type species that biologically and intellectually lack empathy and cannot comprehend the suffering of others.  However, a planetary federation forces them to look after the people they call the ‘Invisibles’. The ‘Invisibles’ are moved into areas of isolation so that most wealthy Kleptos do not have to witness what they feel are the failures of their own kind. Kleptos are the ultimate species of selfishness and loathe having to support the ‘Invisibles’ and they do everything possible to punish those in their society, who, through no fault of their own, fall through the veneer of a rigged system of wealth distribution that rewards those with advantages – quite often through nothing more than familial birthright. The government agency responsible for managing this flimsy structure of welfare is a branch of law-enforcement called the Denied Workforce Police or DWP.

Here are the headlines from the Daily Kleptocrat Mail for the last month.




Officials accused of ‘tampering’ with thousands of benefit assessments

Woman in wheelchair stripped of disability benefits because she can walk four steps in assessment

Disabled man starved to death after DWP stopped his benefits

‘Obscene’ 18-month delay for DWP complaints

DWP slammed for clawing back £50 million in loans from Universal Credit claimants in only a month

Fury as ‘secret’ DWP checks see benefits claims marked down

DWP loses Universal Credit appeals against claimants with severe disabilities

‘Hellish and humiliating’ DWP tests are a breach of human dignity, say carers

And then…

You suddenly realise that you were dreaming, that there is no planet called Kleptotors where the wealthy despise the … Oh, hang on a minute.

Those are the headlines for just one week, for just one country that happens to be the sixth wealthiest on planet Earth. This country has just spent £130 billion of taxpayers money on an untested ideology of leaving the worlds largest trading bloc. The current expected expenditure for the government for this ideology in lost revenue to the ideology is £3billion a month and will reach £200 billion by the end of 2020. This same government is to spend over £100bn on a super shiny train set called HS2 so that the captains of industry can get to work a few minutes earlier.

In the meantime, officials being paid bonuses to deny the most vulnerable in society of the basics ‘tamper’ with assessments, forge rigged tests and aggressively create delays of desperately needed assistance at the deliberate planning of … Kleptocrats who happen to be Tories – Kleptotors if you like.

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