Statistics – UK Racism Polls

25th January 2022 / NewsBits, United Kingdom
  • In August 2020, 36 per cent of people believed that ethnic minorities were being discriminated against in the workplace. In addition, 37 per cent thought the opposite (1).
  • As of September 2021, 33 per cent believe that there was a great deal of racism in the UK. However, 45 per cent of people in Great Britain thought that racism was somewhat prevalent in the UK (2).
  • 45 per cent believe that racism exists ‘somewhat’ with 17 per cent saying ‘not very much’ and 2 per cent ‘not at all.
  • However, ask people of colour if they feel discriminated against –  poll results show that virtually identical numbers of people believe racism exists in the UK today (84%) as believe it existed 30 years ago (86%) (3).

Like all polls, opinion surveys and the like – it depends on the question asked and who you ask.

source (1) YouGov

Source (2) Statista UK

Source (3) You Gov

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